NOTE: This information is for original Cricket (CDMA) customers who want to switch to the new Cricket (GSM) network. If you are a customer from another wireless company learn why switching to the new Cricket is a smart choice. 

The new Cricket gives you everything you want in wireless experience - and a little more. You'll enjoy a reliable, nationwide 4G LTE network, easy and affordable plans - with taxes and fees included - and great device lineup.

Urgent Lifeline Information

In March 2015, Cricket began terminating service on the CDMA network in some markets. CDMA PHONES (including CDMA phones that provide Lifeline service) WILL NO LONGER WORK ON OUR WIRELESS NETWORK AFTER WE COMPLETE THIS UPGRADE. In select states, Cricket is no longer accepting new Lifeline applications. Check your state for Cricket Lifeline availability.

Migrate your account today  before you are no longer able to call, text, and access data!

Keep your Cricket service going on the new 4G and 4G LTE nationwide GSM network. Visit your local Cricket store to:

  • Take advantage of credit and trade-in offers. Eligible customers may trade in their current CDMA phone for a free, new GSM handset compatible with our new 4G network or receive a credit towards the purchase of a new GSM phone.1
  • Choose a new phone from our great selection of smartphones at low prices.
  • Select one of our unlimited talk/text/data rate plans - starting at $35 a month after $5 Auto Pay credit with taxes and fees included and no-annual contract. Or, if your needs are simpler, try our $25 unlimited talk and text plan.
  • iPhone Customers with an original Cricket CDMA iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c will receive a free, replacement SIM card that enables your iPhone to operate on new Cricket's new 4G and 4G LTE nationwide GSM network.

Common Questions

Why do I need a new phone?
The new Cricket's nationwide 4G network uses GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology that is the global standard for mobile service while the original Cricket uses CDMA network technology. That means that with the exception of original Cricket iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, your current CDMA phone will not work on the new Cricket network.

Eligible customers can take advantage of the following GSM handset offers:

  • iPhone SIM Swap: We will activate your Cricket CDMA iPhone model 4s, 5, 5c, or 5s on our new 4G and 4G LTE nationwide GSM network with a FREE GSM SIM card.
  • Feature Phone Trade-In Program: Trade in your current CDMA-feature phone for a free comparable GSM handset that works on our new 4G network.

Why do I need a new rate plan?

Your existing CDMA rate plan cannot be transferred to the new Cricket. Instead, we have created the following simple and easy rate plans for you that include all taxes and fees (thats right, no U.S. roaming fees) and operate on our new nationwide 4G network. 

$25 Talk, Text & Save Plan - unlimited talk/text (no data)
$40 Basic Plan - unlimited talk/text/data (2.5 GB high-speed data)
$50 Smart Plan - unlimited talk/text (domestic & international)/ data (5 GB high-speed data)
$60 Pro Plan - unlimited talk/text (domestic & international)/ data (10 GB high-speed data)

On January 30, 2015, we increased our high-speed data allowances!




Monthly Rate $40.00 $50.00 $60.00
Old High-Speed Data Allowance 1 GB
3 GB
10 GB
New High-Speed Data Allowance 2.5 GB
5 GB
no change

Important Data Speed, Usage and Pricing Information and Terms

Get a $5 monthly bill credit on any smartphone rate plan (excludes the Talk, Text & Save Plan) at the end of your billing period if you enroll in Auto Pay. Customers that are currently on a $50 CDMA unlimited data plan (with 5GB or 8GB fast data) are eligible for certain additional discounts. Visit a Cricket store or contact Cricket at 611 for details.

Why Should I Switch?

A Reliable Nationwide Network

  • Fast, reliable 4G and 4G LTE nationwide network with great coverage from coast-to-coast, all without any U.S. roaming charges. Cricket has more nationwide 4G LTE network coverage than T-Mobile, Boost and MetroPCS.

Simple Plans, Affordable Prices

  • Simple rate plan pricing includes all taxes and fees (and no U.S. roaming fees) so you know what to expect every month  without breaking the bank.
  • Unlimited talk/text/data plans start at $35/mo after $5 monthly Auto Pay credit  or if your needs are simpler you can try our $25 Talk & Text plan.

Unlimited calling from the U.S. to Mexico

  • Unlimited calling to landlines and mobile phones and unlimited text, picture, and video messaging (SMS & MMS) from the U.S. to Mexico are now included in Crickets $50 & $60 plans.

Can I keep my phone number?

Absolutely! You can keep the same phone number when you migrate to the new Cricket 4G network. Just pick a new Cricket plan and a new phone, or bring your own GSM-compatible device.

Do I need to switch right now?
Yes, its time to make the switch to our new network. Cricket began terminating service on the CDMA network in some markets in March 2015; your current CDMA service will be terminated on the last day of your billing cycle when your market is shut down. You must take action before the last day of your billing cycle in order to avoid service termination. You will receive multiple notifications reminding you to migrate to Crickets new 4G and 4G LTE network  and we make it easy!

Can I still file an insurance claim with my current phone insurance?
Until you are notified via mail that your CDMA account will be turned off, the replacement device you receive will be the same or comparable CDMA model. Once you receive an official mailed notification: If you have insurance on your CDMA account, you are eligible to file a claim with an incident date prior to your CDMA account turn off. Your replacement device will be a comparable GSM device. The incident date for your claim must be prior to the turn-off of your CDMA account, and you have 60 days to file a claim. Any incidents that occur after the CDMA account turnoff are not eligible for coverage. All customers who purchase a new GSM device, or receive one as an insurance replacement, will be eligible to enroll in the Cricket Protect program.

How do I switch and take advantage of Crickets GSM handset and rate plan offers?
Please visit your nearest Cricket store location so we can move you to the new Cricket GSM network.

What happens to my account balance?
When you migrate to a new Cricket plan, any dollar credit balance remaining in your CDMA account will be transferred to your new Cricket GSM account within 3 weeks of your transition. If you decline to migrate your account, Cricket will refund any dollar credit remaining in your old CDMA account to you if you request the refund within 14 days of service termination or transferring your service to a competitor.

What if my account is in suspend status?
No problem  you can still migrate to a new Cricket plan!

When can I switch to the new Cricket?

  • You can switch right now. When you move to the new Cricket network, we'll transfer your phone number and any remaining account dollar credits from your current CDMA Cricket account to your new Cricket GSM account.
  • With a compatible GSM device, you can take advantage of the fastest available data speeds (including 4G and 4G LTE) on the new Cricket's reliable nationwide network.
  • There are no activation fees for original Cricket customers.

Ready to migrate your account?
Just follow our simple guide to switch to the new Cricket now!

1 Instant migration phone credits are limited to existing, eligible Cricket customers with an active or suspended account on Crickets CDMA network who migrate to Crickets GSM network by trading in their current CDMA Cricket phone, purchasing a new GSM phone and activating a new qualifying Cricket rate plan. In addition to the migration phone credit offer, you may also be eligible to receive the trade in value of your phone in the form of a trade-in credit that may only be applied, along with the migration credit to the purchase of a new Cricket device or new accessories and cannot be applied to your Cricket services or account. You must use all of your credit at the time you migrate and trade-in your CDMA device. Migration credits and trade-in credits have no cash value, are not redeemable for cash, and are not transferable.

2 The following customers do not need to switch to the new network at this time: Lifeline customers, broadband mobile hot spot customers, PAYGo customers, and, customers that purchased CDMA handsets after March 13, 2014.  These customers should contact Cricket for further information.