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Your Cricket voicemail upgrade is coming soon!

Cricket is giving you even more to smile about: a bigger, better voicemail that can store more of your messages longer. Check out our video for more information.

What You Need to Do Before Your Upgrade

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Have a Smartphone?

Download the latest software version on your phone.

Apple or Windows phones: As long as you have the most current version of the operating system for your device, voicemails will be saved as normal.

Android phones: Be sure to also download the latest version of the Cricket Visual Voicemail app from Google Play.
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On the Talk & Text Plan?

Make preparations to save important voicemail messages before they are deleted.

TIP: There are a number of resources available that will convert your messages to audio files that you can save on your phone or computer. Learn more
Not sure what plan you're on? Go to your account >
Be on the lookout for notifications from us a few days prior to your upgrade.

Want more information? View our Voicemail Upgrade FAQs >