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cricket cares
Cricket Cares Helps Rape Crisis Centers in Las Vegas and Ohio Give a Much Needed Lifeline

    When Cricket Cares learned that often phones of survivors of sexual assault are often lost, stolen during the altercation or kept as evidence by police during the investigation, we knew exactly how we could help.


    Not having a phone means it’s even more difficult to obtain essential follow-up assistance and care.


    We donated smartphones with 6 months of service to the Rape Crisis Center of Medina & Summit Counties in the Cleveland, OH area and the Rape Crisis Center in Las Vegas.


    Through the donation of phones and service, the centers can help those recovering from a sexual assault – immediately, at the hospital upon intake – communicate with police, medical staff, therapists and family when it’s needed most.


    As Marlon Young, our territory sales manager in Las Vegas, said… “We are a part of the fabric of the Las Vegas community, and it’s essential that we do our part to help those most vulnerable members whose voices are often not heard. Providing them with the ability to communicate with family, friends and organizations like the Rape Crisis Center is to getting them the help they need.”