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Give Dad the Attention He Deserves By #DadStreaming Him

    The world needs Dads. They protect us, they teach us, and we can always count on them. As much as they often want to just fit in, we just need them to be themselves. And the goofier, more awkward and lovable they are, the better. Because we need them.

    We are giving Dads the attention they deserve this Father’s Day by asking everyone to live stream their dads in their finest and funniest moments. Livestreaming your dad, or #DadStreaming, is the focus of our latest video and puts Dad front and center of your life through the lens of your smartphone.

    Our latest video showcases a diverse set of dads doing everyday things and trying to act cool, but usually ending up awkward, leaving the kids laughing – not at them, but with them.

    Watch the video here and share it, or creating your own #DadStreaming video by firing up that phone and favorite social platform!