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Hurricane Irma Updates for Impacted Customers

    UPDATE (09/15/17, 5:42pm ET
    Cricket Wireless is continuing to help those affected by Hurricane Irma in Florida. Click here to view the newsroom post from our parent company, AT&T.




    UPDATE (09/14/17, 7:50pm ET)

    This is the final store update for Hurricane Irma. Most store locations across Florida and Georgia are now open and operating as usual.  Please be sure to visit our store locator page to confirm store hours.




    UPDATE (09/12/17, 1:10pm ET)

    All store locations across North Florida are closed today due to power and safety issues. Some store locations in South Florida are beginning to open today as conditions allow. Some stores in Coastal Georgia (Savannah area) are still closed due to ongoing evacuation orders.


    All stores are open, and we are operating as usual, in South Georgia and Alabama. Only a few locations remain closed in Coastal S.C. (Hilton Head/Beaufort)




    UPDATE (09/11/17, 3:35pm ET)

    Cricket Nation is proud to be part of AT&T’s efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Irma

    To help those affected by Hurricane Irma across Florida, Cricket Wireless is working with our parent company, AT&T, to coordinate volunteers on the ground, secure needed supplies and get network services restored. This recovery will require support from communities and corporations across the country. We are proud to be a subsidiary of AT&T, who just announced a $1.4million contribution to aid communities affected by Hurricane Irma, including a $1 million matching donation to Team Rubicon, $150,000 to Telecoms Sans Frontieres, a group that is working to reestablish connectivity for emergency responders and communities in the Caribbean, and $250,000 to local charities in states impacted by Irma.  




    UPDATE (09/11/17, 11:30am ET)

    All store locations across Florida as well as some stores in Southern Georgia, Southeast Alabama and Coastal South Carolina are closed today.




    UPDATE (09/10/17, 1:40pm ET)

    All store locations across Florida are closed today with the exception of a few locations in the Panhandle (Tallahassee area), which are currently open. Some stores in South and Coastal Georgia are also closed today. Most stores in Coastal S.C. (Charleston) area, which were closed yesterday, will be open today.




    UPDATE (09/08/17, 8:03pm ET)

    In preparation for Hurricane Irma, all of our South Florida stores as well as some of our North and Central Florida, Coastal Georgia and South Carolina stores will be closed throughout the weekend.  We expect more store closures as the storm moves across the Southeast. Our priority is keeping customers connected and store employees safe. Please be sure to visit our store locator page before heading out to confirm the store is open.




    UPDATE (09/07/17, 8:46pm ET)

    In preparation for Hurricane Irma, many of our South Florida stores – as well as a few in North Florida and Coastal Georgia – will be closed tomorrow due to evacuations in the area. Please be sure to visit our store locator page before heading out to confirm the store is open, and please stay safe.




    *Bookmark this page for updates on impacts to service due to Hurricane Irma as it approaches*


    Hurricane Irma is expected to reach Florida, and we’re ready with our disaster response equipment and personnel on standby.


    We’re currently topping off generators at our cell sites with fuel. The sites are equipped with high-capacity back-up batteries. We have staged emergency response equipment and technicians in strategic locations, if needed.  Our national reliability center is monitoring outages for quick action.


    We are also providing customers free calls to the Dominican Republic and Haiti beginning Sept. 7, 2017 and running through Sept. 10, 2017.  Calls to Puerto Rico are already included in all plans.


    Stay safe and remember to take these precautions. And if you’re asked to evacuate, please do!