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The Best Devices and Must-Have Apps for Your Side Hustle Or Startup

    Who couldn’t use a little extra cash on the side?  Well, if you are going to do it, Cricket has some great deals to help keep you organized and connected.  And because we know starting a business can cost a lot of money, we’ve got you covered with some great devices at great prices.


    Looking to kick off your side hustle or a small startup and wonder if you should use your personal phone for both?  Well, here are some pros and cons for keeping business and personal separate vs using one phone for both. 


    One Device. Two Purposes.

    • A single device can hold everything you need, and you only have to use one number for texting and calling.  Carrying two phones around with you at all times can often be a hassle. 


    • Why pay for two separate phone bills, when much of what you do for business will meld with your daily life?  By using one number and one device, you’ll only have one bill and potentially cut costs.


    • Most businesses today – especially those run by entrepreneurs and solopreneurs – are online 24/7, so you’ll likely want to be available outside of normal business hours. For many people one smartphone is the only phone they need to efficiently run a business while they go through every day.

    TIP: In business, perception is everything, so always answer your phone in a professional manner because you never know whose calling.


    Keeping Business and Personal Separate

    • Depending on the kind of business you are starting, your phone can ring at all hours of the day and night – you can’t control when clients and customers call you.  If you have a separate phone for business, you can turn on the “Do not disturb” at a set time each day on your business device, and still be available to family and friends on your personal. And when you go on vacation – which we all need once in a while – you will be able to fully disconnect if you so desire.


    • Depending on your usage between emails, calls, texts and surfing, the last thing you want is to not have battery power when you need it.  If you’re checking Facebook and Instagram, and watching videos on YouTube on your personal phone throughout the day, you’re saving battery power on your business phone for that 1-hour conference call.


    • Yes, having two lines can be expensive, but that’s only if you don’t have a multi-line account with Cricket.  Cricket is currently offering two lines with unlimited high speed data for just $80/month*, monthly taxes already included.  If your business grows to more than just one person, you can take advantage of Cricket’s GroupSave discount** and save $10 on your second line, $20 on your third line, $30 on the fourth, and $40 on the fifth – that’s up to $100 saving each month!


    • A generic automated outgoing message that says “The person at XXX-XXX-XXXX is unavailable” doesn’t sound so professional, and neither does “Hey, hit me up on text!” If you separate business from personal, you can tailor your message to fit your business. 

    Whether you’re starting a t-shirt business or a consulting gig, it’s all about personal preference.  Whatever you decide to do, staying connected to family and friends and business clients is what’s important. Cricket’s nationwide network coverage and great deals on smartphones makes staying connected and organized easy.  


    Best Phones for Businesses Requiring Frequent Social Media Updates, Document Sharing and Editing


    ZTE Blade X Max – with a 6” full HD screen, this device is a tablet and a phone in one, expandable memory of up to 128GB, and a great camera to capture great photos for your business’ social network pages.  Need I say more?


    LG Stylo 3 – with an integrated stylus pen that quick launches convenient note-taking features for better productivity, and a large 5.7” HD display, this smartphone will keep you productive anytime, anywhere.


    LG X charge – with a battery life of up to 2 full days*** and expandable memory of up to 2TB, this would be a perfect fit for a side hustle or small business that keeps you on the road for long periods of time.     


    Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 – Don’t need anything too fancy?  The Samsung Amp 2 is a high-performing entry level smartphone from a brand we all know and trust at an affordable price.   



    Some Must-Have Apps for Your New Business


    Square: It’s all about convenience – most people don’t carry cash anymore, this app will help you initialize and receive payments. You can generate invoices via email, so customers can pay you where you are.  The icing on the cake – you’ll have access to plenty of useful reports through the Square app! 


    Wunderlist: A to-do list if good, you might want to start thinking about upgrading to a system like Wunderlist which give you a one-stop solution for organizing and sharing your to-do lists.  The app also allows you to assign tasks to others, set due dates, and collaborate with others in your network across multiple devices. 


    Wave: is an easy-to-use accounting software platform made specifically for small businesses, independent contractors and sole proprietors with nine or fewer employees.  You can manage invoices and payments, track sales and expenses, generate accounting reports and much more. 


    Cloze: Organization is key, so you need to keep track of your contacts.  It automatically groups together all of the information you have about a contact — emails, email signatures, calendar invites, phone calls, documents, social media, and more — into one convenient interface.


    Skype for Business: Is a videoconferencing app that hosts online meetings for all devices and operating systems.  You can also use it to transmit photos and files of any size, share your computer screen and call a group of up to 25 people. 

    *Req's 2 Cricket Unlimited 2 lines. Data speed limited to max 3Mbps; video streaming max of 1.5 Mbps.  After 22GB of data usage, Cricket may slow speeds.
    **GroupSave discount cannot be combined with the 2/$80 Unlimited plan.
    ***All battery usage claims are approximated and based on a standard mixed-use profile that includes both usage and standby time and is based on LG devices connected to a nationwide 4G LTE network. Actual battery performance will vary and depend on many factors including, but not limited to app usage patterns, signal strength, and device settings.