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Was the ZTE Grand X Max 2 “Phablet” Designed Just For You?

    Have you ever seen a Motorola DynaTAC from 1983? Cellphones were once so large you needed a pouch to carry them. Then, they became so tiny, movies mocked them. And now, they're somewhere in the middle.

    The popularity of the phablet—a phone + tablet in one—is getting people back on board with larger devices. Why go back to bigger? The ZTE Grand X Max 2 may be larger, but it’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle. 


    Screen size.  Period. 



    Remember the days when a 4” display seemed absurd to most people? Today, we spend more time on our phones doing things other than making calls.

     We text. We surf the web. We take pictures and video and connect with our friends via social media.

     Enjoy binge watching, gaming or online shopping? What about making your own movies? Oh, and those great posts on photo-sharing apps you can’t zoom in on – you won’t need to on a 6” display.


    One Device: no need for a smartphone AND a tablet.

    With this design, there’s no need to buy a smartphone AND a tablet. You can save that money for other things – like tickets to a music festival or to see your favorite team play.    


    Pocket Computer: smartphone behavior is changing with innovation.

    Gone are the days when we used our phones simply for calls. With mobile innovation – email, social media, gaming, photo editing – we do more on our phones today than ever before.

    We used to need a personal computer for these things. Now, we can email, game, post to social media and edit phots all on our phones. 


    The Camera. 


    Grand X Max 2 has dual rear cameras with advanced professional photo settings. Your photo studio goes with you. The 13MP + 2MP cameras make for sharper focus and greater depth in every photo.

     Feel like a professional, with Bokeh mode. It makes for rich depth of field in your photos.


    True Hi-Fi Sound + Dolby Audio.

    From working out to just hanging out, music is an essential part of our daily lives. The ZTE Grand X Max 2 incorporates true Hi-Fi sound so you feel like you’re always right in the action.

    Your audio never sounded so good.

    Dolby™ Audio gives you richer and more robust music through a headset. It gives you a customized sound experience for music, gaming, voice and more.


    Power x8.

    With a larger device, you get more under the hood, so to speak.

    The octa-core processor, mostly found in premium smartphones, is one of the many surprises in this budget phone. More processor means more power to run multiple apps quickly. You can run one app that uses a lot of processing power while other apps run in the background, and it won’t slow you down. 


    Is the ZTE Grand X Max 2 for you?

    Are you a media fanatic? Music lover? Social superstar? Photography buff? Value-seeker who wants a phone that gives you the power to do pretty much everything you can do on a tablet?

    Then the ZTE Grand X Max 2 is for you.  

    Find it exclusively at Cricket Wireless on May 20 for just $199.99. 

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