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With a Name like Blade X Max, It’s Gotta Be Good!



    The ZTE Blade X Max comes feature-packed with premium features that savvy, value-seeking, media-loving consumers want, and you don’t have to break the bank to get it.  Let’s take a look at what makes this device enchanting!


    Enhanced Camera Features

    Digital Image Stabilization reduces the impact of motion when taking photos by preventing image blur with hand-held shooting.

    Phase Detection Auto Focus give you faster and more accurate ways to focus on your subject.

    Enhancement of Night Scenes automatically improves picture quality when shooting in low-light environments. 

    Improved Camera Modes with more control than ever, with fine tuning adjustments like shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and more. Plus, an expanded catalog of special effects including filters, collages, multi-exposure layering, time lapse, and night specific effects.


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    Spectacular Entertainment

    The Blade X Max is the perfect device for your entertainment needs with its large 6-inch full HD display. With premium surround sound and 360° audio experience from Dolby, you’ll get amazing sound – left to right and front to back – any way you turn it! 

    But wait, there’s more! It has a large 3400mAH battery for longer use, fast Octa-Core processing power and 4G LTE speed on Cricket’s reliable nationwide 4G LTE network, expandable storage support of up to 128GB, and so much more.




    Track Your Health & Fitness

    With the built-in pedometer, heart rate monitor, and preloaded health apps, you can measure heart rate, track steps, sleep time, calorie intake, daily activity, and plan meals.  Plus, you can store vital health information, including animations for blood pressure and cholesterol, track your symptoms and share the information with your doctor. 

    Even better, connect with friends and family to compete in challenges, encourage each other and share stats.




    Personalize to Fit YOU!

    Mi-Pop offers floating navigation keys for easy one-handed operation on the large screen.  Buttons can be dragged to any position on the screen based on your preference.  The customizable function selections range from Home, Back, Screenshot, Mute, status bar, Restart, Shut Down and Menu.

    One-handed dialer is adjustable left or right for easy single-handed operation. 

    Fingerprint Reader or password protection – take your pick!  The fingerprint reader can take up to X fingerprints, so go ahead and set it up a couple of fingers on your left hand and a couple on your right hand. 




    Want to check out the Blade X Max in person?  Head over to a Cricket store near you.