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El Nuevo Cricket Wireless atiende el llamado por una red de calidad, precios atractivos y un excelente servicio sin contrato anual
Lanza servicio con una red nacional y confiable de 4G LTE, planes ilimitados a partir de $35/mes al recibir un crédito de $5 por usar Auto Pay, y un programa de lealtad, todo ello sin un contrato anual
    Cricket Wireless logo
    Cricket Wireless logo


    Alpharetta, GA, May 18, 2014 - Consumers looking for better mobile phone service with no annual contract now have a new option. The New Cricket Wireless today launched its mobile service with a reliable 4G LTE nationwide network that provides coverage over 280 million Americans; service plans simple and very cheap at $ 35 a month (includes $ 5 credit to use Auto Pay); a large selection of phones; a loyalty program; and a new and friendly both in stores and online experience.

     "We launched with the same brand, Cricket, but redoubling our efforts to provide quality service expected by consumers as prepaid," said Jennifer Van Buskirk, president of Cricket Wireless. "The new Cricket customers now have access to low prices, most popular phones, a loyalty program and a friendly service with a national and reliable 4G LTE network. Cricket's new 4G LTE provides more coverage than Sprint, Metro PCS and T-Mobile, period. "

    The new service was born from the merger of Cricket Wireless and Wireless Aio two months after AT & T (NYSE: T) to materialize its acquisition of Leap Wireless International, which operated the Cricket brand. Aio, a mark no annual contract subsidiary of AT & T, Cricket Wireless will be called from now on. 

    The national network of the new Cricket

    The new Cricket has a reliable national network that provides coverage to more than 97% of Americans. The network lets you talk on the phone and surf the internet at the same time. The Cricket 4G LTE network covers more than 280 million Americans, more than Sprint, T-Mobile and MetroPCS.


    Simple and accessible Plans and Services

    In Cricket understand that nobody likes to have complicated accounts. And that is why the new Cricket plans include taxes and fees, and no extra charges for roaming in the U.S. Cricket customers can choose from three simple voice plans, unlimited text and data at very competitive prices. Additional plans and services they offer much value to customers include:

    • Plans fares from $ 35, $ ​​45 and $ 55 a month (includes $ 5 credit to use Auto Pay);
    • Save up to $ 90 a month in bills multi-line
    • 4 lines for just $ 100 a month with a multi-line account
    • Unlimited voice plans and text from $ 25/month
    • International calling plans from $ 15 a month
    • Plans include unlimited international texts


    Phones, Promotions and Loyalty Awards

    The new Cricket offers a variety of phones from popular and why many eagerly wait in line to buy even the cheapest. Consumers can choose from a variety of Samsung, Nokia, ZTE, Motorola phones, among other brands. Now for a limited time, Cricket offers a mail-in rebate with a $ 50 Cricket Visa ® Card Promotion  for buying a smartphone so that new customers can enjoy the benefits of the new Cricket. This offer is equivalent to the purchase of a $ 49.99 smartphone phone which would represent a free new phone.

    Cricket customer loyalty rewards to registered plans and Pro Smart Service With timely payment for 12 consecutive months will receive a $ 50 credit applies to the purchase of a new phone.

    Nearly 3,000 stores have been redesigned Cricket with Cricket Wireless brand new and from today the doors are open and sales representatives are ready to receive and welcome the new customers in thousands of neighborhoods across the country. Many more stores opening also prepared very  soon. New Cricket stores were designed with the customer's mobile phone today in mind-always with the idea of offering a better shopping experience for the customer.  

    "We invite those seeking a better mobile phone service, simple service, with greater coverage and affordable price without contract-annually to register today," said Van Buskirk. Visit one of our new store or online at www.cricketwireless.com and realize that Cricket is a reason to smile. "

    About the new Cricket Wireless 

    Cricket offers better quality with a mobile experience easy, friendly and reliable, no annual contract nationally. Cricket Power is based on our fast and reliable nationwide 4G LTE network; our simple and affordable unlimited plans with all taxes and fees included; our loyalty program; and our fantastic range of phones. Cricket. a reason to smile   Cricket is a subsidiary of AT & T Inc.  

    To learn more about Cricket or locate a store near you, visit www.cricketwireless.com and contact us via Facebook facebook.com / cricketnation and Twitter twitter.com / cricketnation .

    Promotion Free Smartphone: The Cricket Visa ® Promotion Card is issued by MetaBank ™, member FDIC, or by CenterState Bank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc., and is valid for 150 days after its date of issue in stores in the U.S. where VISA is accepted. Not refundable for cash and is valid at ATMs or gas pumps. Valid for paid mobile service. The process takes 8 weeks to become effective. You must be an active customer (must have completed their second payment service within the first 45 days of activation) to be promoted. Offer valid until 14/07/2014.   Certain restrictions apply and other charges. Read the terms www.cricketwireless.com / PromocardLoyalty Program: Registration requirements in Rewards Cricket: The Cricket customers with plans or Smart Pro accumulate one (1) Reward Credit for every full payment made ​​on time. The Reward Credits only valid for the upgrade of a phone once the customer has accumulated one or more Device Credits. Customers accumulate Device Credit worth $ 50 for each twelve (12) Reward Credits accrued. If not used, the Reward Credits expire sixty (60) months after the Device Credit is cleared. Reward Credits accrued account. The Device Credits are limited to $ 150 if not yet used, are not transferable and have no monetary value. Certain restrictions apply.  Discounts ("Save Group") Multi-Line Customers in good standing with at least two (2) lines of service that meet the requirements in an account will be automatically enrolled to receive discounts Savings Group. Only two to five lines that meet the requirements in the same account will receive monthly discount described below. You may apply an activation fee. Only lines of service tariffs plans Basic, Pro or Smart qualify. Your first line that meets the requirements will not receive a discount; the second line that meets the requirements monthly discount = $ 10; the third line that meets the requirements monthly discount = $ 20; and the fourth line that meets the requirements monthly discount = $ 30. The maximum monthly discount is $ 90 when you have five (5) lines that meet the requirements in your Savings Account Group. The cheapest rate plans apply to a single line if the lines are canceled and only one (1) single line.  Coverage: Coverage not available in all areas. The declaration of 4G LTE compares the percentage of the U.S. population under cover of 4G LTE service to Cricket 4G LTE service offered T-Mobile and MetroPCS.           


    For further information: Para consultas de medios comunicarse con: Alejandra Arango, Aio Wireless Alejandra.arango@cricketwireless.com 972.757.8213