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General Payment FAQs

Where can I pay my bill?

There are a variety of convenient ways to pay your Cricket bill:

*Cricket charges a $3 Customer Assistance Fee when making a payment over the phone with a Customer Support Advocate. To avoid this fee, view payment options.

**Cricket charges a $3 Customer Assistance Fee for service payments made in-store. To avoid this fee, view payment options.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our payment methods vary according to the payment location. Here are some of the accepted payment types:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Gift Cards/Prepaid Credit Cards
  • Cash (for payments in Cricket Stores and Payment Centers)
  • Cricket Refill Cards
  • Service Payment Cards

Will I get a reminder to let me know when my payment due date is coming up?

Yes. We all need reminders. That's why we send you a reminder text two days before your due date so you have time to pay.

What if I forget to pay by my due date?

  • Your account will be suspended.
  • If you don't make your payment within 24 hours (one day), you will be charged a $5 (single-line) or $10 (multi-line) account Reactivation fee (2-29 days).
  • If your payment is 30-59 days late, a $15 Reactivation Fee will apply on all accounts.
  • If you make a payment past your due date, the date you pay will be on the first day of your new billing cycle. All future billing cycles will start on the same date each month, and your due date will be the day before.
  • You have 60 days from the date we suspend your service for non-payment to reactivate your service and keep your wireless phone number(s).

What is an account credit?

When you pay more than the amount due in any given month, the excess funds will be applied to your account as a credit. This credit can be used for future monthly payments and add-on features. You may also receive an account credit as a result of participating in an online or in-store promotion.

What can my account credit be used for?

An account credit can be applied toward your monthly service charges, including any add-on features. It cannot be used for phone upgrades or accessory purchases.

Can I change my due date?

You can change your monthly payment due date by calling a Customer Support Advocate. Your due date will also change if you miss a payment and your account is suspended for any period of time. Your new billing cycle will begin the day you pay to reactivate your service. All future billing cycles will start on the same date each month, and your due date will be the day before. View due date examples.

Do you have automatic bill pay?

Yes. With Auto Pay, you can have your total amount due automatically charged to your credit card or debit card each month. At this time, you cannot set up Auto Pay to withdraw payments directly from your bank account.

If I don't have enough to cover my bill, what can I do?

If you need a little more time to pay your bill, our BridgePay option can help. BridgePay gives you the flexibility to break your monthly service into two service periods with two separate easy payments. Make your first BridgePay payment and receive seven days of service. Just remember to make the second BridgePay payment before the end of the seven-day period or your service will be suspended. View more information on BridgePay.

Why did my due date change?

If you forget to make a payment on time, your new billing cycle will begin the day you pay to reactivate your service. All future billing cycles will start on the same date each month, and your due date will be the day before. For example, if your due date is the 5th and you pay on the 7th, the 7th becomes the first day of your new billing cycle, and your payment is due on the 6th of the following month. View more examples.

I have an account with multiple lines. Can each line be paid separately?

Anyone can make a payment on the account using Quick Pay, My Account online, or the myCricket app, however you cannot apply a payment toward a specific line. All payments will apply to the amount due on the account. To view the charges for each line's plan and features, select Billing History from the My Account summary page. The entire account balance must be paid by the due date in order to avoid service interruption.

How can I view my billing history?

Can't remember your transactions or what you've paid?

  • To view account activity online:
    1. Sign in to My Account
    2. Select Billing History from the top navigation.
  • To view account activity via the myCricket app:
    1. Open the myCricket app and sign in.
    2. Tap Payments at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Tap View Billing History link.


Quick Pay FAQs

How do I pay a bill using Quick Pay?

It's simple! Select Quick Pay from the top navigation. Check out our step-by-step instructions.

Do you need to be the account holder to use Quick Pay?

No. You don't have to log in to an account to make a Quick Pay payment. All you need is a Cricket phone number, so anyone can make a Quick Pay payment on an account.

How do I know a Quick Pay payment has been processed?

Once you've made the payment, a confirmation screen will appear. Please keep the confirmation number for your records.

If I make a Quick Pay payment, will you store my credit card information?

No. Quick Pay payment information is not stored for reuse. To store a credit or debit card for future payments, please sign into My Account and set up your payment preferences.


Auto Pay FAQs

Can I get the Auto Pay Credit with my current Cricket rate plan?

Cricket customers on $40/mo or higher plans who are enrolled in Auto Pay are eligible for the credit. Accounts that receive a Group Save discount or select promotional offers are not eligible for the Auto Pay credit.

How do I change my Auto Pay payment method?

In order to change your Auto Pay credit or debit card, log in to your account, visit Account Summary and select Change Auto Pay Preferences. Alternately, you may select Payments from the menu, then scroll to the bottom and select Change Auto Pay Preferences. Follow the prompts to update your Auto Pay card.

How do I turn off Auto Pay?

You can turn off Auto Pay under the Payments tab in My Account. In the myCricket app, follow the directions on the home screen to turn off Auto Pay.

I have an account with multiple lines. Can I use multiple credit cards for Auto Pay?

No. Only one credit or debit card can be used for Auto Pay. This card will be charged for the amount due one day before your due date. We'll text you a reminder one day before your card is charged.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Auto Pay?

Read the full Auto Pay Terms and Conditions.