Can't get email to work on your device? Try using these tips to get email back online.

  1. Go to the Device Support page for your device and review the Quick Start Guide to verify your email app is set up properly.
  2. Remove your email account and add it back to your device. Send a test email.
  3. Check to make sure you can log in to your email account on your email provider's website and send and receive mail there.
  4. Make sure you can connect to the Internet from your device. If you can't, you probably have a connection issue

Ways to Access Email

  • Device Internet Browser: Open the Internet app on your phone to access your email through your provider's website. Email service providers include Google, Yahoo! and others.
  • Built-in Email App: Open the email app on your device. You can set it up to send and receive email from providers like Gmail, AOL or Yahoo.
  • Third-Party Email Apps: You can find alternative email apps through the store app (Apple's iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, or the Windows Phone Marketplace) linked from your device.