Can I upgrade if I have the $25 Talk & Text plan?

No. First you'll need to switch to a smartphone plan starting at $30/mo.

Can I upgrade my phone if my account is suspended?

Upgrades can only be done on an active account. You'll need to make a payment to reactivate your service before you can upgrade your phone.

I voluntarily suspended one of my lines on my multi-line account. Can I upgrade my phone on my other line?

Yes. You can upgrade your phone on any active line. If you voluntarily suspend one of your lines, you'll still be able to upgrade a phone for your other lines. However, if your account is suspended due to a missed or late payment, you can't upgrade any of your phones until you pay and reactivate your service.

What's the difference between upgrading my phone and trading it up?

Upgrading to a new Cricket phone is only for existing customers who want to get a new Cricket phone. Trading up is for new and existing customers who have a working old phone that they want to trade in for a credit towards the purchase of a new Cricket phone. Device Trade Up can only be done in Cricket stores.

Is there a fee to upgrade my phone online?

Yes. There is a $25 device upgrade fee applied to phone upgrades online and in Cricket stores.

Can I keep my current plan and features if I upgrade my phone?

Yes, you can keep your current plan and features as long as they're compatible with your new phone. You can also add Cricket Protect if your new phone is eligible during the upgrade process.

Why was my Cricket Protect or Mobile Hotspot feature removed when I upgraded?

Some add-on features are not compatible with all phones. For example, some Certified Pre-Owned and less expensive phones are not eligible for Cricket Protect, and only some phones are Mobile Hotspot compatible.

What if I want to change my plan or features?

If you're upgrading, you'll need to activate your new phone first. Then you can easily change your plan and features in My Account online or via the myCricket app.