Why can't I check in?

Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips:

  • First, make sure your location preferences/settings are turned ON in both your device AND the Cricket Rewards app.
  • Next, check to make sure you have Wi-Fi or at least cellular service (location accuracy will be better over Wi-Fi). 
  • If you are still having problems checking in when you are at a particular location, it can be due to several factors. We use your device's location detection technology to determine where you are - this involves the use of cell network towers, GPS, and/or Wi-Fi to figure out the location of a device. If GPS is unavailable on the device for whatever reason (turned off, no connection, etc), the geolocation lookup uses cell towers, which are not as accurate.
  • Due to network issues, poor cell service, buildings or other physical barriers, the location detection may be inaccurate and we won't be able to correctly determine your location. If this happens when you are at or near the check-in location, we encourage you to follow the steps listed above. You can also try adjusting your physical proximity to the check-in location and try again. The closer you are to the venue you're checking in to, the better!

Why can't I check in while driving by a location?

Cricket Rewards is a great way to check in to a number of locations and earn extra mPLUS points! It is our hope that you actually go to these locations to earn your reward. That is why you will not be able to check in to any Cricket Rewards location while in a moving vehicle.

Even a passenger will not be able to check in to any Cricket Rewards location, because if they are in a moving vehicle, then they are not actually in the location on our map.

How do I report an incorrect location?

In some situations, the location you are trying to check into might not be exactly where it should be. We now offer the option for users to flag a bad location in our database so we can update it!

When you tap a location you see on the map, you'll see a small exclamation point icon appear in the lower left of the map as shown in the screen below:
rewards check in location

You will be presented with a few different options depending on the issue you have with the specific location. You'll be asked if you are currently at the location or not, and based upon that selection you can submit additional details. All of these options are shown in the following screens. We really appreciate your help in improving our location accuracy!
rewards check in issuerewards check in issue tworewards check in issue three

What is a challenge and how do I complete one?

When on the Cricket Rewards Map, tap the Earn tab to the left to view all of the different challenges available to you.
rewards earn tab

Tap each tile to see what you need to do in order to complete the different Challenges. Some of the Challenge steps can be completed immediately by watching an ad or answering a survey. Other steps will include check-ins and finding different game pieces, which can only be done while using the Cricket Rewards app.
rewards challenge prize

Every time you complete a step the icon will change color and you will receive a message letting you know you're one step closer to your ultimate prize!
rewards challenge complete

What is a game piece and how can I find one?

Many of the Challenges that you can participate in ask you to search for Game Pieces in order to complete them. Game Pieces from all the different Challenges are scattered around in the Cricket Rewards App. You can earn them by claiming an Achievement or checking into a location. The more you use the app, the more likely you are to find all of the Game Pieces you are looking for!
rewards game piece

Why do I keep getting the same game piece?

You can in fact receive the same Game Piece more than once. Certain Game Pieces can more rare than others and are harder to find, so keep looking around and the one you're searching for is bound to turn up!

Can I use Cricket Rewards on my phone and my computer?

Yes, you can! You can access Cricket Rewards either by using the Apple or Android Cricket Reward apps, the Cricket Rewards Desktop site, or the Cricket Rewards mobile website (accessible through My Cricket).

However, please note that most achievements can only be claimed once per user, NOT once per Cricket Rewards platform. For example, once you've earned and claimed the Register for My Account achievement on your mobile device, you cannot earn and claim this same achievement when you log onto your computer later that day. Please keep in mind that most achievements will reset and be ready to be earned again in a certain amount of time. To find out when you can earn these achievements again, look at the details under each achievement on the Achievement tab available on all of your different devices.

What's a Cricket Rewards Code?

A Rewards Code is a unique code that can be used to redeem a specific amount of points. Cricket may give these out at events or as part of a special offer or promotion.

I have a Rewards Code. How do I redeem it for points?

That's easy! Just open the Cricket Rewards app, and then follow these instructions:

  1. Tap on the Settings icon at the top right (it looks like a gear).
  2. This will open your User Profile.
  3. Scroll down and select Rewards Codes from the menu.
  4. Enter your code and select Apply.

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