LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data. LTE is considered 4G (4th Generation), which is the next generation of wireless technology. It is the successor to EV-DO, Cricket's 3G technology.

To access 4G LTE speeds you need a 4G capable device a 4G LTE data plan, and you must be within a Cricket 4G LTE coverage area. Cricket's 4G LTE coverage is now available in select cities. Please refer to the coverage map for 4G LTE coverage.

4G LTE Phones

Looking for faster speeds, better coverage and unlimited data? Come check out all the cool 4G LTE phones offered at the new Cricket. 4G LTE means you can upload photos in a flash, game with more power, and surf the web even faster. The new Cricket offers all the speed you need a reliable nationwide network ? with no annual contract.


3G is the generic abbreviation for 3rd generation. It is the wireless technology that initially enabled internet browsing over wireless networks. EV-DO is an example of 3G technology.

4G LTE speeds can range from 3 -15 times faster than EV-DO, depending on market conditions.

Cricket offers a variety of 4G LTE plans. You can access your data to check which data plan you are using by logging into your MyAccount and selecting Usage History under Data Service. Refer to Cricket's Fair Use Policy for information on exceeding your data usage.