Need more high-speed data access? No problem. Add an extra gigabyte to surf and play till your heart's content each month! 

Here's the scoop on Add 1 GB Data:

  • Add for $10 per monthly plan cycle - or as a one-time purchase.
  • Gives you an additional 1 GB of high-speed data access.
  • Use when the high-speed data access included in
    your base rate plan is exhausted.
  • Your 1 GB expires at the end of your current monthly plan cycle.
  • The best time to add data is on your Cricket Pay Date.
  • Cricket's $25 and $70 plans are not eligible for Add 1GB Data.

For accounts with multiple lines, Add 1 GB Data must be added to each line individually.

Tip: We recently increased the amount of high-speed data access included in our Basic, Smart and Pro plans. The $40/mo Basic plan now features 3 GB of high-speed data access. The $50/mo Smart plan now offers 8 GB. The $60/mo Pro plan now includes 12 GB. If you're an existing customer on one of these plans, your data will be automatically increased at no extra cost by Feb. 27, 2017. It's just something to consider before adding a gig or changing your plan.