What if I don't use the whole 1 GB?

Any unused data will not be rolled over and will expire at the end of your current monthly plan cycle.

What's a good way to manage my high-speed data?

Use Wi-Fi. Connecting to Wi-Fi is super easy with the free Cricket Wi-Fi app!

  • Android: Cricket Wi-Fi app automatically connects to free and open hotspots.
  • iPhone and Windows: Cricket Wi-Fi app shows nearby free and open hotspots.
How do I view my data usage?

You can view your data usage in the myCricket app or at My Account.

If data is unlimited, why do I need to add 1GB?

Cricket's $30/mo, $40/mo, $50/mo, and $60/mo plans come with unlimited data, but each plan has a specific allowance of high-speed data. The plans include 1 GB, 3 GB (was 2.5 GB), 8 GB (was 5 GB), 12 GB (was 10 GB) of high-speed data respectively. If you're an existing customer on a $40/mo, $50/mo, or $60/mo plan, your data will be automatically increased to these amounts at no extra cost by Feb. 27, 2017. Speeds are reduced when you use up your high-speed allowance. Add 1 GB Data adds another gigabyte at high-speeds.