Cricket is consistently working to give you the best 5G network experience possible at an affordable price. Talk, text, and stream on our 5G network with a compatible plan and phone.

5G is the fifth generation in wireless technology. It promises to be a more advanced network—faster, more responsive, and highly reliable. Cricket is laying the foundation for a continuously improving network, launching new devices and building more cell sites to change the way you talk, text, and connect.
The potential of 5G is enormous. As previous wireless technologies, 5G will change our lives in ways we haven’t ever considered. Before 5G, 2G allowed us to text, 3G brought us smartphones, and 4G lets us stream video from anywhere. 5G capabilities are expected to unleash a wave of innovation.
In the future, 5G will open the world to:
  • Self-driving cars
  • Improved mobile multi-player gaming
  • Interactive personalized AR/VR experiences
Check our coverage map to see if 5G is available in your city with Cricket service.
5G+ identifies the 5G areas expected to provide even faster 5G service with Cricket in select areas around the country. While the initial launch of 5G+ is modest, speeds, coverage, and devices will improve. The first Cricket 5G device, the Samsung Galaxy 20+ 5G, is 5G+ compatible. 5G+ is available in select areas in these cities.
To access Cricket’s 5G network you’ll need a 5G smartphone. Cricket will continue to add more 5G smartphones throughout the year.
5G is included for no additional charge with our $60 Cricket Unlimited More plan and all current Simply Data Plans.
5G will not replace 4G any time soon. Your 5G device will also work on the Cricket 4G LTE network. If you are on our $60 Unlimited Cricket More plan, you will receive our fastest speeds available on our network.
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