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Orders & Activations

Learn how to activate and set up your new Cricket Wireless device, check the status of your order, return or exchange your device, or submit a warranty claim.

Account Management

See how easy it is to manage your Cricket service from your computer or smartphone. Learn about charges and fees and how to earn Cricket Rewards, report your device as lost or stolen, or suspend/restore your service. 

Plans & Features

Check out Cricket's simple plans and pricing. Find out about how to add 1GB Data, Cricket Protect Device Insurance, Cricket International, Cricket International Extra, and Cricket International Roaming Mexico. Plus learn how dialing shortcuts work. 

Apps & Services

Discover how Cricket's free apps can make your life easier. Find out how to bring your own device, trade in your old phone, finance a new Cricket device and more. 

Phones & Accessories

Get detailed support for your Cricket device or accessory. You'll find quick start and user guides, device specifications and links to your phone manufacturer's website. 

Find everything you need to help our customers, including info on promotions and offers, technical issues, and how to get your store ready to show off the Cricket brand. Learn about our devices and get tips on answering customer questions.