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Reliable Nationwide Network • Fast 4G LTE Speeds • Prices include taxes and fees

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The plan prices below include your $XX Group Save discount for a X number eligible line. Learn More

The plan prices below include your $XX Group Save discount for a X number eligible line. Learn More

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Talk & Text

$ 25/mo


$ 40/mo



$ 50/mo


$ 60/mo

Talk & Text

$ 25 / mo


$ 40 / mo


$ 50 / mo


$ 60 / mo
$5 Monthly Credit with Auto Pay

Not available with Group Save Discount

$ 35 / mo
$ 45 / mo
$ 55 / mo
High-Speed Data Access*

Up to 4G LTE speeds with compatible device (speeds reduced when you use up your high-speed allowance)

2.5 GB
5 GB
10 GB
How much high-speed data access do I need?
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Socialites and Constant Communicators - Heavy users of social media sites and email will love this amount of data.

Music Fanatics and Web Surfers - Stream music for over 40 hours/mo and surf the web at high speeds.

*Recommended with Deezer!

Gamers and Video Streamers - Play all your games and stream plenty of videos, without getting throttled.

Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text

Make unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages (SMS) across the U.S.

Unlimited Nationwide Messaging

Send unlimited picture and video messages (MMS) across the U.S.

Unlimited Talk & Messaging to Mexico & Canada**

Make unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones and send unlimited texts, picture and video messages from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada.

International Texting

Send unlimited text messages (MMS not included) from the U.S. to 35 countries

Group Save
Discount Eligible

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Group Save Discounts

Save up to $100 each month when you add new eligible lines to your account.

Cell Phone Plans from Cricket: Benefits

Affordable Prices
With Cricket Wireless, you get the best cell phone plan for your needs, pure and simple. Our cheap, prepaid plans are very affordably priced - yet they offer all the top features you want, such as unlimited talk and text, high-speed data access and more 4G LTE cell phone coverage nationwide then T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, or Boost.

Taxes and Fees Are Included (So It's Easy to Budget)
All of our rates include taxes and fees, so you know exactly what you'll be paying each month.  Cheap, simple pricing for your phone service - now, that's something to smile about!

A Variety of Prepaid Plans to Choose From
We offer four different high-speed data access plans and great add-on features, so it's easy for you to find a plan that best matches your phone usage habits and your budget. Choose from:

- Family cell phone plans, such as 5 lines for $100/mo
- Great high-speed data access plans
- U.S. to Mexico calling and Canada calling (Northwest Territories of Canada not included) with the $50/mo and $60/mo cell phone plans

To get started, simply select the prepaid plan you want, then choose a phone. Or, if you prefer, you can also bring your own GSM-compatible smartphone to the Cricket network. It's this type of flexibility that our customers love.