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Prepaid Phones from Cricket

With Cricket's prepaid phone service, there are no contracts. You pay as you go, month to month. And taxes and fees are included in your monthly bill, so you can easily plan and budget your phone expenses.

What are the benefits of a Cricket prepaid cell phone?
The biggest benefit is flexibility. Our no contract cell phone plans give you the ability to update your plan with ease. Plus, you can choose the device you want.

- Love your current phone? You can bring your compatible cell phone to Cricket.
- Want a new phone? We have a variety of prepaid smartphones for sale, including top brands like iPhone, Nokia, Motorola and ZTE, as well as prepaid basic cell phones
- Is price your main consideration? Were always offering incredible cell phone deals on the devices everybody's shopping for.

How does Cricket's prepaid service compare with traditional post-paid service?
We offer the same features most post-paid plans offer, only with affordable, simple prices and no annual contract. As a Cricket customer, you get: (1) better 4G LTE nationwide coverage than Boost, MetroPCS, Sprint or T-mobile, (2) unlimited data, (3) a reliable network you can count on.

How do I get Cricket service?
It's easy. Simply pick one of our prepaid plans that best meets your needs, shop our cell phones or bring your own phone, activate your service, and start experiencing the power of Cricket.