The past year has been financially challenging for many Americans. Tens of millions of people are struggling to make ends meet, exposing the digital divide as many underserved households are unable to afford broadband connectivity to work at home or enable their children to engage in remote learning.

Cricket Wireless is here to help by offering the temporary Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), a federal government program that provides eligible households a benefit of up to $50/mo. on wireless internet service or up to $75/mo. on Tribal lands.

Ready to get started? Below are five simple tips to lead you through the process:

  1. Chances are you will qualify for the benefit if:
    • Your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines;
    • You currently participate in a qualifying federal assistance program; or
    • You’ve lost substantial income since February 29, 2020 because of unemployment or furlough
  2. Eligibility is determined through the National Verifier, the federal government’s application and approval process. Start by visiting the National Verifier to see if you qualify.

    Carefully note information you include in the National Verifier. All items must match the details you include in the EBB enrollment form (step 3).
  3. Once you have been approved by the National Verifier, you can complete the EBB enrollment form by visiting a Cricket-branded store or online. Please make sure to include information exactly as you entered it in the National Verifier.
  4. Choose if you would like to apply the benefit to an existing eligible plan or change to a different eligible plan.
  5. You’re done! Once enrollment is complete, we will apply your monthly benefit of up to $50 (or up to $75 for Tribal Lands) beginning on your next month’s service.


Need help? Contact Cricket Customer Support at (844) 246-8364.