Dialing Shortcuts

Wondering if you can use dialing shortcuts that work on your home phone or may have worked with your previous wireless carrier? With your Cricket device, you can use dialing shortcuts.

Here are a few dialing shortcuts:

  • 211: Community info and referral services
  • 311: Non-emergency police & other government services
  • 511: Traffic and transportation
  • 611: Cricket Support
  • 711: Speech or hearing disability using TRS, TDD & TTY
    • TRS = Telecmmunications Relay Service (TRS)
    • TDD = Telecmmunications Device for the Deaf
    • TTY = Text Telephne
  • 811: Call before you dig
  • 911: Emergencies

Note: 0 and 411 are not available at this time

Regional Shortcuts

Some regions of the country have unique shortcuts.

  • Oregon: *677 or *OSP - Non-emergency calls to the Oregon State Police
  • 311: (Active only in selected states) Non-emergency police and other government services

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