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Cricket Network Preparedness During COVID-19

Cricket Wireless has extensive experience planning for and responding to a wide variety of crisis situations.

Overall our network is performing well during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to see high demand for voice calling and data. Our dedicated employees are working around the clock installing, maintaining and repairing equipment so that our customers can communicate with each other and stay connected.

Investments in our network and in software defined networking have given us the tools to monitor and dynamically adjust traffic patterns as necessary. We are also adding capacity to address congestion when and where it appears.

Here are a few other important steps we’ve taken to help ensure our network reliability for our customers during this pandemic:

  • We use self-healing architectures and restoration technologies
  • We prepare and train year-round for business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios with our experts across the country.
  • We continuously monitor bandwidth use with a proprietary tool that analyzes and correlates network statistics, reveals usage trends and provides performance and capacity management reports.
  • We are aligned with industry standards for business continuity and resiliency. And we have a business continuity management program that focuses on continuous improvement and evolving threats.

No one can be certain of the extent and effects of an event or disaster, but know that Cricket is working hard to ensure our network is in a strong position during COVID-19. For more information on how we’re helping our customers you can read our FAQs here