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Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Cricket Wireless (Says the Cricket Intern)

    Over the past few weeks working as the Cricket Intern, I have found so many reasons why I’m proud to be part of #CricketNation. Cricket is definitely one of the happiest environments in the world to be around.


    Here are 5 reasons why I can’t get enough of Cricket!


    1.) Great deals



    I’m in college, so I’m all about getting more bang for my buck. Here at Cricket, we want to give you great prices on plans, phones, accessories and more. Need an example? Surf over to CricketWireless.com to check out the latest deals. Talk about savings!


    2.) Cool smartphones




    Cricket Wireless knows you’ve got to stay on top of your tech game. I’m a total techie, so for me this is a big deal. Luckily, Cricket makes it easy to get cool smartphones at a sweet price. This means you can snap great selfies, keep up with cool apps and be the envy of everyone on the block.


    3.) Something to Smile About




    It’s no secret Cricket is all about giving their customers #STSA – something to smile about. And I got to experience this firsthand. From hosting celebrity meet and greets to offering amazing sweepstakes, Cricket wants to give back to their customers any way they can.


    Check out the #JohnCenaSurprise video for one of our latest STSA moments.


    4.) Cricket Rewards




    Cricket Wireless wants to include everyone in on the fun, whether or not you’re part of Cricket Nation. Cricket Rewards members can earn points to redeem them for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, donations and more. Getting points is easy and fun. You can play games, check into your local Cricket store and tap into the Cricket Rewards app for daily points. My personal favorite is the Cricket Grand Prix racecar game. It’s seriously addicting!


    5.) The Cricket Culture




    One of the best parts about working alongside Cricket Nation is experiencing the culture. The Cricket team is a supportive, close-knit and hard-working community. The team loves the culture and keeps it fun coming to work every day. They’re committed to giving their customers #STSA all day, every day. Cricket knows what matters most: people, purpose and passion.


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