Want to save more of your high-speed data? You can. Let Wi-Fi Manager help by automatically finding and remembering free Wi-Fi networks. We want you to worry less about your data usage and enjoy more of your day. It's easy - we search for and connect you to an available network, you save on your high-speed data. Give it a try.

Turning on Cricket Wi-Fi Manager 

There's no app to download. It's simple. 

Note: Cricket Wi-Fi Manager comes pre-loaded on Cricket-branded Android devices. See compatible phones.

During the initial setup, you'll be asked to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA). Accept the EULA to proceed.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager EULA


To turn on Cricket Wi-Fi Manager, go to your Wi-Fi settings and tap Cricket Wi-Fi Manager.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager settings


On the Cricket Wi-Fi Manager welcome screen, tap the checkbox. Simply uncheck the box if you decide to turn off Cricket Wi-Fi Manager later.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager welcome


Cricket Wi-Fi Manager Features

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager makes saving your high speed data easier than ever.

  • Wi-Fi Notifications: You won't need to search for hotspots again. You'll receive notifications every time you're close to an available network.

  • Radio Management: Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will intelligently turn on your Wi-Fi radio when you're close to an available network and will turn it off when it can't find quality Wi-Fi nearby.

  • Wi-Fi Prioritization: Want to make sure you always connect to your preferred hotspots? You can determine which hotspots you connect to first.

  • Auto-Authentication: Once you successfully connect to a hotspot for the first time, you won't have to login again. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will remember your information.

  • Captive Portal Detection: If you like to connect at your favorite businesses, Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will bring up the login screen and let you sign in and accept the terms and conditions. You can even have Cricket Wi-Fi Manager remember how to login to these captive portals.

  • Poor Wi-Fi Avoidance: Forget the weak connections. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will check the quality of your Wi-Fi signal and connect you to a stronger hotspot (or change to your cellular data) if the quality is poor.


Wi-Fi Manager FAQs

To turn off Cricket Wi-Fi Manager, go to your Wi-Fi settings page, select Cricket Wi-Fi Manager, and tap the checkbox. When the check mark disappears from the box, Cricket Wi-Fi Manager is off.

You can turn Cricket Wi-Fi Manager on or off at any time via the Wi-Fi settings page, as long as a Cricket SIM is in your phone.

When you see the Wi-Fi antenna icon in the tool bar at the top of your phone, you're connected!

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager runs silently in the background. To check whether Cricket Wi-Fi Manager is running, go to your Wi-Fi settings page, select Cricket Wi-Fi Manager, and look for a check mark in the box. If the box is checked and not greyed out, Cricket Wi-Fi Manager is running.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager actively checks the quality of your Wi-Fi connection. If the Wi-Fi connection is poor or isn't functioning, Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will move you back to the cellular network.

You always have control. If at any time you want to disconnect from a Wi-Fi hotspot, go to Wi-Fi in your phone's settings, select the hotspot you would like to disconnect from, and select Disconnect. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will note your preference and will not reconnect you to that hotspot.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager actively checks the quality of your Wi-Fi connection while you are using it. You may move from one Wi-Fi hotspot to another or from Wi-Fi to cellular if the Wi-Fi fails to maintain a quality connection.

You always have control over which hotspots you use. If you get disconnected from a preferred hotspot, go to Wi-Fi in your phone's settings, and select the hotspot you would like to reconnect with. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will note your preference and will reconnect you.

Not with the Cricket Wi-Fi Manager! It intelligently controls your Wi-Fi radio to search for Wi-Fi periodically. If not Wi-Fi is available, it will go into sleep mode to preserve your battery charge.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager intelligently controls your Wi-Fi radio. It will turn it on when it senses that quality Wi-Fi may be available.

You always have control and can manually turn off your Wi-Fi radio anytime. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will leave the radio off for at least 3 hours after you turn the radio off. To keep your Wi-Fi radio off indefinitely, turn off your Wi-Fi radio and turn off Cricket Wi-Fi Manager.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager only works when a Cricket SIM is in your device. If you have removed your SIM card or have inserted a SIM card from another carrier, Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will not work. On the Cricket Wi-Fi Manager settings page, the option to turn the service on or off will be greyed out. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager saves the state of the settings checkbox selection when a Cricket SIM is removed so you do not have to manually turn it back on or off when you replace your Cricket SIM.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager keeps track of frequently visited areas where Wi-Fi networks are detected so that you can be notified of opportunities where Wi-Fi connectivity will likely provide you the greatest benefits. Based on a number of conditions, such as the number of times a Wi-Fi network has been detected in a particular location, Cricket Wi-Fi Manager intelligently determines the best time to prompt you to connect to one or more of these frequently detected Wi-Fi networks.

The Wi-Fi notification prompt will tell you how many Wi-Fi networks are available at your current location. To view and connect to one of the networks, select View Networks, which will open your phone's Wi-Fi settings page. There you can choose a network and establish a connection. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will note your choice and automatically connect you to a preferred Wi-Fi network during future visits to the same location.

You can instruct Cricket Wi-Fi Manager not to prompt you at a particular Wi-Fi hotspot location again for at least two days by choosing Remind Me Later.

The Wi-Fi notification will include a Never Remind Me Again button, once the Remind Me Later button has been used six times. The Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will never notify you again of available Wi-Fi networks. This allows you to turn off Wi-Fi prompting without disabling Cricket Wi-Fi Manager or losing access to the other helpful Wi-Fi management features.

Note: Your phone may have its own native Wi-Fi prompting features that will not be affected by this selection.