Want to save more of your high-speed data? You can. Let Wi-Fi Manager1 help by automatically finding and remembering free Wi-Fi networks. We want you to worry less about your data usage and enjoy more of your day. It's easy -- we search for and connect you to an available network, you save on your high-speed data. Give it a try. 

1 Cricket Wi-Fi Manager comes pre-loaded on Cricket-branded Android devices -- see the list.

No app to download!

During the initial setup of your phone, you'll be asked to accept the End User License Agreement. You need to accept the Agreement in order to use Cricket Wi-Fi Manager.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager EULA


To turn on Cricket Wi-Fi Manager, go to your Wi-Fi settings and tap Cricket Wi-Fi Manager.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager settings


On the Cricket Wi-Fi Manager welcome screen, tap the checkbox. If you decide to turn off Cricket Wi-Fi Manager later, simply uncheck the box.

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager welcome


You'll love this full set of features

Cricket Wi-Fi Manager makes saving your high speed data easier than ever.

  • Wi-Fi Notifications: You won't need to search for hotspots again. You'll receive notifications every time you're close to an available network.

  • Radio Management: Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will intelligently turn on your Wi-Fi radio when you're close to an available network and will turn it off when it can't find quality Wi-Fi nearby.

  • Wi-Fi Prioritization: Want to make sure you always connect to your preferred hotspots? You can determine which hotspots you connect to first.

  • Auto-Authentication: Once you successfully connect to a hotspot for the first time, you won't have to login again. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will remember your information.

  • Captive Portal Detection: If you like to connect at your favorite businesses, Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will bring up the login screen and let you sign in and accept the terms and conditions.

  • Poor Wi-Fi Avoidance: Forget the weak connections. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will check the quality of your Wi-Fi signal and connect you to a stronger hotspot (or change to your cellular data) if the quality is poor.