Pay in advance and save $90

with a 3month Multi-Month Unlimited Plan from Cricket Wireless

Savings compared to our $55/mo plan.

The 3-Month Multi-Month Unlimited Plan to fit your budget


discounted from $55/mo

No bill for 3 months when you prepay $75 for your first 3 months!

*Requires new single-line account and your own compatible device. Video streaming at SD quality. Terms & restrictions apply. See Details

5G speeds where available with compatible device. (No material speed cap.)

For all data usage, Cricket may slow data speeds during periods of network congestion.

Streaming video limited to max of 1.5 Mbps (about 480p).

Tethering or use of device as a mobile hot spot is prohibited. No add-on.

Requires new single line account (cannot be merged with an existing account)

Bring Your Own Device required for activation. After activation, device upgrade is allowed, but must be at full retail price.

No features monthly or recurring

No BridgePay

No AutoPay credit. AutoPay enrollment is permitted.

Customer can change plan only in last 30 days. At the end of the billing cycle, the customer can re-enroll on the same multi-month plan, pick a new multi-month option, or move to month-to-month. Once a multi-month customer moves to a month-to-month plan they cannot go back to a multi-month plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can save up to $300 over 12 months with our Multi-Month Unlimited plans. That comes out to $30/mo., compared to $55/mo. for our monthly plan over the same duration.  

Yes! All of Cricket’s multi-month plans include fast, nationwide 5G. You’ll need a compatible 5G device to enjoy it. 5G is not available everywhere. See our map for 5G coverage.  

Our Multi-Month Unlimited plans are available only for customers who are bringing their unlocked, compatible device to Cricket’s network.

Yes! At the end of your first three months you can either add another 3 months for $120 ($40 a month), our 12 month plan for $300 ($25 a month) or you can change to another Cricket plan.  

Additional features are not available with our multi-month plans at this time. 

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