Account Credit & Rewards

An account credit is money that can be applied to your monthly bill, pure and simple. Free money? Heck yeah! You don't have to do anything - your credit will be applied automatically to your monthly payment.

Credits may be due to a recent promotion or an overpayment during a previous month. They can also be the result of a reoccurring payment like Auto Pay, Account credits can be used for monthly service charges, including add-on features. Account credits cannot be used for phone upgrades or accessory purchases.

When will I receive my account credit?

Credits awarded for Auto Pay and other promotions appear on your account approximately 5 days before your due date. They will automatically be applied to your amount due. Keep in mind, some promotional credits start 1-2 months after your new plan or upgrade starts. Promotional credits also usually depend on your account remaining in good status. Setting up Auto Pay is a great way to keep your payments on track!

Auto Pay

If you’re enrolled in Auto Pay and eligible for the $5/mo Auto Pay credit, it will automatically be applied to your account toward the end of your billing cycle. However, you may also notice a larger sum appearing as a credit on your account each month a few days before your due date. This means your Auto Pay amount has been deducted from your credit or debit card. It will be applied to your amount due on your due date.

Note: If you use this credit to change your plan or add features and don’t have enough money in your account to cover your monthly charges, your account will be suspended. Instead, you’ll want to make a one-time payment to cover the additional charges.

Refer A Friend

Another way to earn account credits is Cricket’s Refer A Friend Program. Active customers can refer friends and earn up to $250 in account credits each year. Each $25 credit will be applied to your account after your friend has completed the program requirements, including maintaining active service for 60 days.

View my account credits

Curious whether your account credit has been applied to your account? Sign in to My Account or the myCricket app and check your Account Summary.

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