Lifeline is a government assistance program that grants eligible individuals a credit each month on their phone bill.

In all states, Cricket has stopped accepting new Lifeline applications. All existing customers that have been approved for Lifeline will retain their Lifeline discount until they disconnect their phone number from Cricket Wireless CDMA service or until the CDMA network upgrade is complete.

Why isn?t Cricket Wireless offering Lifeline?
New Cricket?s competitively-priced 4G rate plans with no annual contract are attractive without the Lifeline discount and may be comparable for some customers to previous CDMA network rate plans, even without the Lifeline discount. The Lifeline program is burdensome to support for the consumer with proof of eligibility and continued annual recertification.

We hope you?ll stay with Cricket and enjoy the unparalleled benefits of Cricket?s "new" network and rate plans. All you need is a compatible GSM phone and one of Cricket?s new rate plans. These new plans don?t include a Lifeline discount, but we encourage you to check out the great values they offer. Explore new Cricket rate plans here.

Where can I learn more?
You can visit to find a Cricket retail store near you.

NOTE: Cricket is upgrading its CDMA network to 4G GSM and expects to stop offering CDMA wireless service as early as March 2015. CDMA PHONES (including CDMA phones that provide Lifeline service) WILL NO LONGER WORK ON OUR WIRELESS NETWORK AFTER WE COMPLETE THIS UPGRADE.