Our phones work best on the Cricket network, but we'll provide the unlock code if you meet the following requirements:

  • The device you want to unlock has been active for at least six (6) months of paid service or you are on an Unlimited Plan (including promotionally priced versions).
  • The device you want to unlock is designed for use on and is currently locked to Cricket's network.
  • Your device hasn't been reported as lost or stolen.
  • Your device isn't associated with a fraudulent account.

If you meet these requirements and would like to unlock your device, please call or chat with a Cricket Support Advocate or visit your local Cricket Store.

Important note for customers serving our country in the military:

If you're unable to meet the 6 month service requirement described above because of active deployment in the military, Cricket will unlock one device for you when you meet all of the other requirements and provide documentation of your deployment status.

Please contact us at militaryunlock@cricketwireless.com or by fax to 770-360-4979 with the following information:
1. Your name
2. Your date of birth
3. Your phone number
4. Copy of your documentation of deployment status
5. The email where you'd like us to send unlocking directions

Important Unlock Policy Note:
Cricket reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny any unlock request that it concludes may result in abuse of this policy or assist in any way in an effort to perpetrate fraud or any other unlawful conduct against Cricket or its customers. Cricket further reserves the right to change this unlocking policy at its discretion without advance notice.