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Do you like to be in the know? Do you like being updated on the latest headlines? Try theSCOOP!

Exclusively for Cricket Wireless customers, theSCOOP delivers instant news, local weather, sports scores, entertainment and more right to your phone. With first screen delivery, this content appears when you unlock your phone throughout the day.

You can customize your preferences for:

  • Top News: Headlines, Finance, Technology, etc.
  • Weather, Gas Price Watch, Event Planner
  • Entertainment, Trending Topics, Horoscopes, Daily Deals
  • Recommended Apps, Quizzes, and other fun content like Fortune Cookies

theSCOOP delivers content directly to users upon unlocking your phone. Don’t worry, theSCOOP will never interrupt a phone call or any other user activities. If you want to remove first screen notifications, open theSCOOP app then tap Settings on the bottom navigation. Under Delivery Settings, uncheck the box next to First Screen Delivery. You can also control your notification settings here.
Open theSCOOP app, tap Settings on the bottom navigation. Under Delivery Settings, uncheck the box next to Notifications.
You can uninstall theSCOOP a few different ways:
  • Long press on the app until it wiggles or shakes. Next, drag the app into the trash bin to uninstall.
  • Go to your Device Settings and find theSCOOP in your Apps folder. Click theSCOOP, then select Uninstall. This should remove the app from your device.
Note: If the app was pre-loaded, you may only have the option to disable. Disabling the app will remove the app from the home screen and turn off all content and features.
We’re here to help! Email us at Feel free to send feedback within the app from the Settings.

Don't have theSCOOP app? Download it here!

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