Can I transfer my number after I set up service with Cricket?

The best time to transfer your number is when you first sign up Cricket service. If you've already set up service with Cricket, you'll need to set up a new account with the number you would like to transfer and pay for this new service. We can't transfer funds from your current account to a new account, so you may want to do this at the end of your bill cycle.

What happens during a number transfer?

We'll transfer your number to Cricket when you activate your service. During this process, you may be able to make calls with your new Cricket phone or SIM card, but continue to receive calls on your old phone. This could last up to 4 hours. Text, picture, and video messages usually work within 4 hours, but could take up to 8 hours. Data should work immediately.

I just transfered my number, but my data isn't working. What should I do?

If you brought your own phone and data isn't working, you may need to update your settings manually. See instructions >

What if I can't transfer my number?

Some numbers can't be transferred, such as home phone numbers, canceled or disconnected numbers, international numbers, toll-free numbers, VoIP (voice over IP) numbers, and numbers from some smaller wireless companies that have opted out of the number porting process. If your number can't be transferred, you can still join the Cricket network by starting a new order and selecting a new Cricket number during the checkout process.