Just follow the quick and easy steps below to add a gigabyte of data to your current plan. Do it online in My Account or through the myCricket app on your device.

Tip: We recently increased the amount of high-speed data access included in our Basic, Smart and Pro plans. The $40/mo Basic plan now features 3 GB of high-speed data access. The $50/mo Smart plan now offers 8 GB. The $60/mo Pro plan now includes 12 GB. If you're an existing customer on one of these plans, your data will be automatically increased at no extra cost by Feb. 27, 2017. It's just something to consider before adding a gig or changing your plan.

Please note: Cricket's $25 and $70 plans are not eligible for Add 1GB Data.

Want to pay for your new feature using a Cricket Refill Card?

No problem. Just add the Cricket Refill Card to your account as a credit first (via the Pay tab in the myCricket app). Then you can add features and use your account credit to pay.

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. You'll see a summary of your current plan and features.
  3. Select a line and then Features.
  4. Select Add Features.
  5. Expand 1 GB High Speed Data under One-Time Features or Monthly Features. If you?re interested in just adding it once, choose how much data you want to add to your current monthly billing cycle. 
  6. Select Add to Cart.
  7. Review your new features.
  8. Enter your credit card info, accept the Terms and Conditions, and select Submit.
  9. You'll receive payment confirmation on the screen and via text message.


  1. Open the myCricket app and sign in.
  2. If you have an account with multiple lines, select a line.
  3. Tap Manage Features. Enter your four-digit PIN (if prompted) and tap Next.
  4. Under One-Time Features or Monthly Features, tap 1 GB High-Speed Data.
  5. If you?re interested in adding it once, choose how much data you want to add to your current monthly billing cycle. Tap Next.
  6. Review your new feature, and tap Next.
  7. Enter your credit or debit card information, agree to the Terms and Conditions and tap Submit.

You'll receive payment confirmation on the screen and by text.