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Listen to the world's largest music collection on your phone, any time.

Deezer, one of the most popular global music services, is making its long-awaited U.S. debut - offering subscribers unlimited access to the world's largest online music collection: over 35 million tracks. That's up to 5 million more than Spotify and tens of millions more than Pandora!

With Deezer From Cricket, you get:

  • Unlimited ad-free listening
  • An affordable $6/mo subscription
  • The ability to stream or download songs and create playlists
  • Over 30,000 Internet radio stations

Get the FREE trial - and be among the first U.S. listeners to enjoy Deezer!

  • To receive the Deezer From Cricket Free Trial, you must first become a Cricket customer.

Already a Cricket customer? See the free trial information for existing customers.

  • Register for the Free Trial.
  • Receive at least 15 free days of Deezer service.
  • After the trial is over, pay only $6/mo for your Deezer subscription.*

Switch to Cricket and Deezer and get two great services in one!

Outstanding cell phone service with:

  • Unlimited smartphone plans from only $35/mo after $5 Auto Pay credit
  • No annual contract or long-term commitment
  • More 4G LTE coverage than Sprint, T-Mobile and Boost

One of the best music collections available, with:

  • The hottest songs of today and hard-to-find tracks
  • Song suggestions customized to your taste
  • Data-friendly streaming and downloads                                              

*After the Deezer from Cricket Free Trial ends, you'll automatically be billed $6/mo unless you cancel. Get at least 15 days free. Free trial length depends on when you sign up and when your billing due date falls. See the full offer and billing details.

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