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Listen to the world's largest streaming music collection on your phone, any time.

Deezer offers subscribers unlimited access to the world's largest streaming music collection: over 40 million tracks.

With Deezer From Cricket, you get:

  • Unlimited ad-free listening
  • An affordable $6/mo subscription
  • The ability to stream or download songs and create playlists
  • Over 30,000 internet radio stations


Get the FREE trial - and be among the first U.S. listeners to enjoy Deezer!

  • To receive the Deezer From Cricket Free Trial, you must first become a Cricket customer.

Already a Cricket customer? See the free trial information for existing customers.

  • Add the Deezer From Cricket Free Trial feature (at checkout or in My Account).
  • Receive at least 15 free days of Deezer service.
  • After the trial is over, pay only $6/mo for your Deezer subscription.*

Switch to Cricket and Deezer and get two great services in one!

Quality cell phone service with:

  • Unlimited smartphone plans from only $35/mo after $5 Auto Pay credit
  • No annual contract or long-term commitment
  • More 4G LTE coverage than Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost, and Metro PCS

A world-class music streaming service, with:

  • The largest streaming music catalog in the world
  • An easy-to-use app
  • Countless ways to discover new songs                                             


* Your FREE Deezer from Cricket trial expires after 15-45 days, depending on when you sign up and when your billing due date falls. After your free trial ends you will be billed $6/mo unless you cancel. Learn More

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