Want more freedom with your high-speed data?

With Cricket Mobile Hotspot, you can take the network with you whenever, wherever we have coverage.

  • Can't find a Wi-Fi connection for your laptop or tablet when traveling? Just connect your Internet-ready device to your cell phone via Wi-Fi or USB.
  • Don't have Internet access at home? Use your smartphone as a personal hotspot to connect your computer, tablet or gaming system.
  • Or, share your hotspot with family and friends!

Cricket Mobile Hotspot gives you the ability to turn your mobile phone into a wireless access point and use your mobile high-speed data from your rate plan to provide wireless Internet access to other devices. With the Mobile Hotspot feature, you can use tethering to connect up to six devices at the same time. Connect your tablet, MP3 player, or portable gaming device using Wi-Fi or directly with a USB cable and share your Mobile Hotspot to surf the web, download apps, and stream music.

How it works:

  • Mobile Hotspot uses your phone's tethering capability to connect your phone and the Cricket network (via Wi-Fi or USB) to share Internet access with up to six devices at a time.
  • No additional data is needed! Mobile Hotspot uses the existing data bucket for $50/8 GB and $60/12 GB monthly rate plans.
  • If you run out of high-speed data, you can always add 1GB of data for $10.
  • Note that Mobile Hotspot is not available with the Unlimited plan or any plans under $50/mo. 

To get the Mobile Hotspot feature, you need:

  • A Compatible Phone - Own a compatible phone or upgrade to one of the phones on the compatible phones list.
  • A Qualifying Plan - At this time, only the $50/8 GB and $60/12 GB rate plans are eligible for the Cricket Hotspot add-on.
  • To Add the Mobile Hotspot Feature - Tether your phone and the Cricket network to your other devices for only $10/mo.

Complete Mobile Hotspot Terms and Conditions