Cricket Protect

Program Overview

Your phone is an important part of your life. Isn't it worth protecting? In fact, 1 in 5 devices is lost, stolen, or damaged every day, and 64% of these types of incidents occur within the first 12 months.* From leaving your phone at a restaurant to accidentally dropping it in the pool, or anything else life can throw at it, Cricket Protect has you covered with:

  • Comprehensive phone coverage to meet your real life needs
  • Fast and convenient replacement process to get a working phone back in your hand
  • Protection from hidden phone replacement costs and fees

*Based on 2017 Asurion Mobile Claims Data

Cricket Protect is an optional feature that can be purchased with new phones or phone upgrades** and some phones that are previously owned brought to Cricket (BYOP). See Cricket Protect BYOP covered devices halfway down on the Cricket Protect FAQs page.

**Some Certified Pre-Owned and less expensive phones are not eligible for Cricket Protect.

Program Details

  • Covered Equipment
    • Phone, standard battery, standard wall charger, and SIM card.
  • Covered Incidents
    • Loss, theft, accidental physical damage or liquid damage, in-warranty exchanges and out-of-warranty mechanical and/or electrical malfunction (does not cover cosmetic damage).
  • Replacement
    • Replacement device may be new or refurbished of the same or a like kind and quality model. Phone color, brand, model and features may be different. Compatibility of accessories is not guaranteed. Expedited shipping offered for in-warranty exchanges.
  • Monthly Premiums
    • $7 per month
  • Claim Limits
    • Two (2) claims per 12 months Maximum replacement value of $1500 per claim
  • Cancellation Policy
    • Enrollment is optional. You can cancel at any time without penalty.

Things you should know about Cricket Protect:

  • Your plan has two agreements: Insurance and Service Contract. Insurance covers lost, stolen and accidental damage incidents. Service Contract covers incidents of malfunction after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty. When combined with Insurance, it forms the complete Cricket Protect Program.
  • " You can purchase the lost, stolen and accidental damage insurance on a stand-alone basis for a monthly premium of $5 by calling Cricket Wireless at 1-800-CRICKET.You are not required to purchase the Service Warranty Agreement.
  • Program details and terms and conditions are available at
  • You are not required to purchase this protection plan to activate wireless service. This coverage may provide a duplicate of other sources of coverage.
  • You may cancel at any time and receive a prorated credit of your premiums. If you cancel service, you will receive a program refund.

Canceled Accounts

  • If your wireless service is canceled due to non-payment, Cricket Protect will be canceled. You will not be allowed to re-enroll the same device.

Multiline Accounts

  • If you have an account with multiple lines, you'll need to add Cricket Protect to each line separately.

Phone Upgrades

  • If you have Cricket Protect and upgrade to a new eligible Cricket phone, Cricket Protect will transfer to your new phone. If you have Cricket Protect but upgrade to a non-eligible phone, Cricket Protect will be automatically removed when you activate your new phone.

Open Enrollment

If you are outside the first 7 days of activating your eligible phone** with Cricket and are not enrolled in Cricket Protect, you can still add Cricket Protect during the open enrollment period. The open enrollment period runs from February 15 to March 31, 2019.

You can enroll if you meet these criteria:

  • You must have an eligible Cricket phone or if you brought your own phone it must be on the BYOP covered devices list
  • The phone must be in your possession
  • The phone must be in good working condition, meaning it has no physical or liquid damage and you can make calls from it
  • Your account must be active and current

If you meet these criteria, you can go to your nearest Cricket store to enroll in Cricket Protect. Remember that enrolling a non-working or damaged device is considered insurance fraud.

**Some Certified Pre-Owned and less expensive phones are not eligible for Cricket Protect.