Lost or Stolen Device

If your phone has disappeared, you've got options. You can suspend your Cricket service temporarily. If you find your phone, it's easy to restore service. If you cancel or suspend a line of service, you won't get a credit or refund for unused monthly service. We recommend getting a new phone so you can enjoy the Cricket service you've already purchased.

Block the use of your device

If you believe your device was stolen, we can add it to an industry-wide database that blocks the use of your device. That way, no one else can call, text or use data on that device. Plus, no one can activate it on another company's network.  You can add your device to the blocklist for up to 30 days from the last day it was used. It can take up to two business days to be added, and once added, it will be on the list for 18 months. To add your stolen device to the blocklist, please call or chat with Customer Support.

Accounts with Multiple Lines

For accounts with multiple lines, if one of your phones is lost or stolen, you can temporarily suspend that line. You may change your plan, but if you reach your due date, you'll still need to pay the total amount due for all lines (including the suspended line) to avoid interruption in service. Once you find your device or get a new one, you can restore service for that line. To do so, call or chat with Customer Support. A representative can also help you cancel the line altogether.

Review Your Options:

If you find your device, call or chat with Customer Support to restore service.

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