Change Makers Change Everything.

Cricket celebrates Change Makers during Black History Month.


Let’s honor the Change Makers

Join us in celebrating the immense diversity of the Change Makers in our communities during Black History Month. Movers and shakers who are making things happen through education, personal achievements, and entrepreneurship – not just for themselves, but for the greater good.


Change Makers come from everywhere

Did you know there are over 4.6 million Black immigrants with heritage from countries like Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Somalia, Eritrea and Kenya?*

* and

Female Leadership

Did you know that as of 2020, nearly 40% of all Black-owned businesses were Black-women owned?*



Diverse Identities

Did you know that in 2022, 1 in 5 Black Americans self-identify as LGBTQ+?*

*Kantar U.S. Monitor 2022 (Q1 DEI Survey)


Epicenter of Culture

Did you know that New York City, NY, is home to the largest Afro-Latino