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    Smartphones for Sale at Cricket

    At Cricket, we offer most major types of smartphones, including Android and Windows phones, as well as phones from the most popular manufacturers.

    Shop Popular Brands:

    " Samsung smartphones
    " iPhones
    " Nokia smartphones
    " ZTE smartphones
    " Motorola smartphones
    " LG phones
    " HTC smartphones

    Although we always have phones at cheap, affordable prices, we also offer special smartphone deals and sales, including many free offers.

    Prepaid Smartphones: Benefits
    Cricket's phones are prepaid, so there are no annual contracts to worry about. Plus, taxes and fees are included in your monthly prepaid bill, so it's simple and easy-to-budget for. Don't want a new smartphone? You can bring your own unlocked, GSM-compatibile phone. Just add our reliable nationwide coverage, and you're ready to go.