Alcatel IDOL 4
With VR Goggles

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Alcatel IDOL 4
With VR Goggles

Rate Plans: 2 GB, 5 GB, Unlimited 2, Unlimited
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Available only at Cricket, the Alcatel IDOL 4 with VR Goggles combines a perfect balance of superior performance and premium design in a value-packed Android smartphone. The large, brilliant 5.2" Full HD display is perfect for viewing pictures, videos, texts, and web pages. The powerful octa-core processor and 4G LTE speed of the Cricket network, combined with Alcatel's exclusive Boom Key, help you make quick work of all your everyday tasks.


Dual multi-directional speakers combined with the exclusive ALCATEL Onetouch Music App with Deezer from Cricket, and FM radio create an audio experience that is a music lover's dream! Powerful dual cameras, both with flash and wide-angle imaging and HD video record, produce spectacular pictures, videos and selfies. And if that were not enough, the free Virtual Reality goggles let you have amazing and affordable out-of-the-box 360° viewing and gaming experiences. The perfect amount of performance, the perfect amount of value, the perfect amount of unreal. What more could you ask for?

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The The Alcatel IDOL 4 smartphone offers:
  • Brilliant 5.2" Full HD IPS display giving users clear viewing from any angle -- even in direct sunlight
  • Octa-core processing power and 4G LTE speed
  • Powerful dual cameras, with flash and wide-angle imaging
  • Dual 3.6-watt multi-directional speakers, enhanced by Waves Audio Technology
  • Bundled with free, exclusive Virtual Reality Goggles for 360° viewing and gaming (headstrap sold separately)
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • View Alcatel VR Goggles warranty info
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Unique Multimedia Experience

Unique Multimedia Experience

Idol 4 offers a large, brilliant 5.2" Full HD display that provides lush and vibrant color and is perfect for viewing pictures, movies and surfing the web. The reversible screen means the Idol 4 is always right side up no matter how you pull it out of your pocket or purse. The 13-megapixel main camera and wide-angle front-facing camera with flash takes well-lit selfies, pictures, and HD videos which can be shared quickly with the Idol 4's super reliable octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon 617 processor. And if that were not enough, the free Virtual Reality goggles provide hours of affordable 360° viewing experiences. Ski the Alps, tour Paris, be at your favorite game or concert, or tour the cosmos in 360°, all without leaving your seat!

Unrivaled Music Experience

Unrivaled Music Experience

Take your music experience to another level with Idol 4's powerhouse sound. The dual 3.6-watt multi-directional speakers enhanced by Waves Audio Technology makes songs and movies sound rich and lush. The exclusive Alcatel Onetouch Music App integrated with Deezer from Cricket, lets you be your own DJ and scratch, sync and add effects to your favorite songs to record your own high-powered mixes with music from Deezer, Cricket's exclusive music streaming service, or music saved to your phone. Plus, never miss your favorite radio station with the built in FM tuner. (Headphones required.) It's a music lover's dream!

Boost Your Experience with the Boom Key

Boost It with the Boom Key

The Boom Key enhances your experiences on Idol 4 and makes things you would normally do easier. Take photos without unlocking the device, create quick photo collages, add special effects to videos, enhance music listening, movie viewing and more! You can even make calls in any environment by boosting voice clarity. And if that's not enough, you can tailor your boom key experiences to you and customize it to launch your favorite apps!


  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Dimensions & Display
AlcatelIDOL™ 4 <br>With VR Goggles Dimensions


  • 5.79" x 2.85" x 0.28"

Display Size & Type

  • 5.2" Full HD IPS (1920 x 1080)

  • Up to 16 GB internal storage
  • MicroSD slot for up to 512 GB card
  • Rear: 13 MP wide-angle with flash and 1080p video recording
  • Front: 8 MP with flash and wide angle lens
  • Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation
HD Voice capable
  • Yes


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 1.5 GHz Octo-core with Adreno 405 GPU


  • 2,610 mAh
Hearing Aid Compatibility
  • Rated for hearing aids M4 and T4
Rate Plan Requirements
  • Qualifying monthly service plan required
Idol 4 with VR is rated 2.5 out of 5 by 218.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from One of the best mobile This is best mobile phone I have ever had this is my 3rd mobile. Everything is perfect no problem and VR goggles are best.
Date published: 2017-03-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great! Love this phone! I was doubtful at first after all the bad reviews but it seems like most phones have bad reviews me it shows many don't know much about phones. The sound and appearance is awesome! Even an s8 can't compare on the sound. The virtual reality is pretty cool! Its probably not what heavy gamers would expect but it's fun to use!
Date published: 2017-09-05
Rated 2 out of 5 by from This phone sucks... This phone's battery life sucks I have to charge this phone like 3x a day. If you go to bed on a 100% without charging you will wake up with it dead. It will go to 50% within 30 min of just listening to music. There isn't very much storage and it will have a notification pop up all day saying the storage is almost full. If I get a picture message it doesn't always display the picture. Some times it will say downloading and take forever to pop up. It will just overheat and turn off sometimes. Picture quality is ok but it much better with day pictures. It comes with alot of tools in the gallery to edit photos though. Speaker quality is pretty good. Slow to respond to touch at times.
Date published: 2018-02-19
Rated 4 out of 5 by from great phone I bought this phone as a replacement and so far it has proven to be just as good if not better of a device. Some of the vr is a little wonky but overall a very capable device
Date published: 2017-09-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from The Truth Con: Not Note 8, but I say CLOSE ENOUGH!!! Cheap and Specs better than other options in its range. When charging, turn off. Gets hot due to File Manager. Use the included Clean Master App only. Current File Manager needs to be removed or have secondary uses removed. Boom button and Dual speaker kills many others. VR just needs straps but awesome too. Best deal.
Date published: 2017-09-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Really Nice I like the ease and the feel of this phone. It's sleek, the screen size is just right, and it's easy to use. I especially LOVE the speakers and sound quality, A+ all the way! Overall, great phone.
Date published: 2017-09-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great phone for price Bought this because I wanted an affordable phone that had a gyroscope, the fact that it came with a vr case was a big plus. While VR apps for android are still in their infancy, I've been able to enjoy the VR pictures and movies.
Date published: 2017-07-25
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Horrible phone!!! I've had this phone for 3 months now and had nothing but problems. The internet constantly goes in and out or gets really slow regardless if I have full data. The speakers were great at first but quickly turn to krapp and start to crackle and break up really bad. I've had a few instances where the phone will just shut itsself off for no reason and I've had the flash turn on for no reason causing my phone to get really hot and freeze up and I was unable to turn it off this happened to me twice now. It constantly tends to glitch making it to where you have to restart the phone. I highly recommend no one get this phone!!!
Date published: 2017-02-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love the phone. Great phone.Battery life could be a little better sound and screen are fun and alot better than the price would tell you
Date published: 2017-09-04
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Phone is good for price Performs as expected, battery life is really good on phone alone. I read bad reviews about the VR system and I have not bothered to try it.
Date published: 2017-09-13
Rated 3 out of 5 by from it's okay I've had this phone for a little while now and I really liked it at first, but lately not so much. It turns off for no reason and I have a hard time trying to turn it back it. It get hot and that messes with how the phone acts as well. The other night I was charging my phone and woke up to it off. When I tried to turn it back it, it wouldn't come on I had unhooked it from the charger, I ended up having to plug it back up for it to come back on which mad no sense. The phone runs slow as well. I'm not the kind of person that has a bunch of apps or games on the phone. If you are talking o the phone it hangs up out of nowhere.
Date published: 2017-07-29
Rated 4 out of 5 by from okay phone Switched from not so great Metro Pcs and got this phone. Great reception I must say of cricket service. Only thing bad about this phone is short battery life. Other than that fast processor, screen size is nice. love that the speakers are in front andalso the flip screen feature is cool toó.
Date published: 2017-10-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from IT DOES THAT TOO!? I've owned many smartphones by HTC as a die-hard fan. Unlike my M7,8,9... It only costs $89! Best darn phone for under $100.
Date published: 2017-09-29
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Not good! I've had this phone for a few months and over time have gotten more and more frustrated with it. The messaging app is terrible and has pictures with words come through as a video for some reason (like a slideshow) but the picture then comes through extremely small. Also, when you hold the backspace button to delete a large amount, it stops mid-delete and has a pop up about message details. Yoy can send videos unless you take it through the messaging app. And the gallery that comes stock cannot make albums so you have to get a third party photo app. Also, the battery life is terrible. The only good thing i have to say about this phone is that the speakers are loud.
Date published: 2017-01-30
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Living in over 49 states and being a world travele Cricket might have good service but this is a phone not to buy the video and picture quality is very poor Granny it actually splits your pictures and half the virtual reality headsets are a joke you really can't do anything fun it's very cheap looking when you buy this and try to return it for having issues they won't even refund it through Cricket they try to send you through Altec to get your one year warranty so they won't even guarantee it within the seven days I used to have Sprint and boost I bought this new cell phone I tried their service I've gone two months without a cell phone and no service and paid for both I can't get refunds on the faulty phones they sell me
Date published: 2017-07-09
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Nice Features; Reliability Issues I've had this phone for about a year. It has been replaced, and each phone has gone through at least one reset. Now the camera, (which took spectacular pictures, BTW), does not save the pictures it took. I've been in repeated contact with Alcatel, and thus far the issue remains unresolved. I don't want to spend a multiple of the amount it cost me to purchase this phone to get one with a reliable camera, but at this point I can't trust this model. It's a shame, because if it wasn't for the camera issue, I'd rate this phone a strong 4 stars, and without the reset/replacement experiences, I'd give it 5 stars.
Date published: 2017-10-30
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Not worth the money I bought mine in Feb 2017. In July 2017 the blue-tooth stopped working (one thing I use the most on my phone). The internet is spotty despite showing good LTE signal strength and the browser shuts off constantly. Alcatel sent instructions for trying to correct the problems. The first thing did not work. The next step is to completely delete my phone meaning loosing all my contacts. The final step is to send it to them (I pay shipping) and wait up to 6 weeks to get it back. The battery life is atrocious if you use the phone at all but will last days if you don't use it. I bought this phone because my wife's Idol 3 was great. I am buying a new phone and it will not be an Alcatel!
Date published: 2017-12-07
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Really nice phone Great phone very good cameras! This phone even being 6.0 marshmallow let you put apps to your SD card! Love the speakers!!!
Date published: 2017-10-11
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Love love love it but.... Love it butttt in low lighting the camera sucks however in good lighting it's the best but in low lighting not the best....
Date published: 2017-05-06
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Had idol three and the power button went out Previously owned the idol three and I loved it...once the power button stopped working I upgraded to the idol 4 and love it...the speakers are great and the screen is amazing overall great phone
Date published: 2017-10-22
Rated 1 out of 5 by from just DON'T I bought this three months ago it sucks like even worse then a cheap phone it gets really hot especially when I take pictures the screen will even go black and the flash won't turn off. I'll try putting in my password sometimes and it will say wrong password even though it's not I have to leave it alone and try agian in order to unlock my phone its always shutting down Facebook and Instagram. The only good thing about this phone is it takes good pictures if it doesn't over heat and the speakers are amazing the charging sucks charges extremely slow and dies fast don't waste your money on this phone.
Date published: 2017-11-05
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Poor languge support This phone is good. The screen is really clear But it is poor bettery. More terrable problem is not support other languges even if after installed any languge keyboard programs. I took this message from Alcatel. Thank you for contacting Alcatel Support. We understand your concern and will be happy to help you with the issue that you are having. If the messages are being sent or received blank it is going to be because Korean is not supported as a method of text when being sent out that's why they are blank. Since your service provider doesn't support that text when the message is sent.
Date published: 2017-01-10
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Meh Bought it as I dropped my previous phone and needed a quick replacement. The VR is neat for about 30 seconds then it wears thin quick. The Bluetooth repeatedly fails to connect with devices, the drop down menu from the home screen for WiFi and network routinely turn either off when editing. There is a program ( file manager) that is obnoxiously intrusive which cannot be deleted. On the plus side the battery is ok, it does get a little warm and it takes a pretty reasonable time to charge. Speaker are ok, no need to use the audio app. If it wasn't cheap most of it's appeal goes poof.
Date published: 2017-09-27
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Kind of Disappointed When I first got this phone I, just like the rest of you, thought this was a great buy. Now, about 8 months in... this is the worst phone I have ever had. It's slow and dragging. When I hit my home screen, it sometimes takes about 5-7 seconds or so for my apps to even show on the home page. I constantly have bluetooth issues which isn't fun when you have a Fitbit and use your bluetooth in your car. I really tried to get out of the trap of feeling like I must have a Samsung or iPhone and I thought I had a really good phone here but it's time for a new phone all over again unfortunately.
Date published: 2017-07-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great value for the price!! Bought this as a birthday gift for my son, it's become his third arm!
Date published: 2017-10-22
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Terrible Quality The phone itself worked fine BUT I've had issues with a number of these, havent even had service for a year and am now on my 3rd Idol4, I treat my phones well, never drop them, dont get them wet none of that, but these break on a regular, i had my phone in my pocket earlier today, nothin hit my pockets and didnt sit on it, pull it out of my pocket, screens cracked not even a big crack, cant feel it, can barely feel it, its down in the right side corner, and now because of the small crack the entire screen doesnt work, it turns on and all, but doesnt recognize where my finger is touching.
Date published: 2017-05-07
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Dislike I should have bought a different phone and not this phone. If I would have known the return policy was 7 days I would have taken this phone back already but I am now 11 days into having this phone and I hate it. The time keeps changing on me, the system itself runs slow. The phone is very touchy and will just automatically click on anything weather or not I meant for it. The phone takes forever to load any thing. I absolutely regret getting this phone. When I get paid again I'm definitely getting a new higher brand phone. The only good thing about the phone is the speakers.
Date published: 2017-11-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great phone I am very pleased with phone, especially the camera. Not to crazy about the VR although they should come with a strap to hold them in place. Something I won't use.
Date published: 2017-11-10
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Looked so good! I wanted to like the phone. With all the components how could you go wrong! Well guess what? I have owned the phone for just over a year and this is what I have had happen. 1. The camera quality is poor, video even worse. 2. The battery will not make it though a day with moderate use. 3. The bluetooth quit working after six months. 4. The screen cracked (without an impact in anyway) while useing the call function. Now the screen only works on the bottom half and is useless.5.paying over $240 at the time thought I was getting aliitle more. Its stilI isnt worth$90 and have seen $20 cheap phones with better quality.If you can live with all that go ahead and get it, but don't say I didn't warn you! p.s. The VR is a joke.
Date published: 2017-11-21
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Looks flashy. Nearly unusable. I've had this for about 4 months now. I can from the Idol 3, then the Grand x max 2 then this.. I loved my idol 3 but it had minor issues. Why not get the successor? Boy, was I wrong. Apps consistently not responding. Social media apps take about 10 seconds to load. I bought a super high quality Samsung SD card and it recognizes it as slow. Bluetooth has stuttering issues past 3 feet. WiFi turns on randomly (yes I turned that feature off). I have had this phone looked at and reset and sent new service about 10 times. It's so slow. Wish I never bought it.
Date published: 2016-12-03
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