Stay connected and save your high-speed data with the Cricket Wi-Fi app. Now with access to more than 15 million free and open hotspots available to Cricket Wireless customers.

Also, Cricket Wi-Fi helps you connect to your home Wi-Fi network and other Wi-Fi hotspots that need a password. Simple questions help guide you to save even more high-speed data.

Free and Easy to Use

The Cricket Wi-Fi app works with the built-in Wi-Fi on your device. It takes the guesswork out of choosing Wi-Fi locations so you can save your high-speed data whenever possible and keep in touch on-the-go.

Save Your High-Speed Data

While connected to free Wi-Fi networks, you can surf the web, stream music and videos, post photos to social media, play games, and much more — all without using your monthly high-speed data allowance. Lower high-speed data usage can help save on your monthly costs.

Connect On-the-Go

Our simple-to-use app helps you find free Wi-Fi networks in popular locations. In some areas, a quality Wi-Fi connection may be faster than your wifeless data service.

Free Download

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Cricket Wi-Fi Manager Available on Android M Smartphones

If you have a Cricket Android M smartphone, the same features that are in the Cricket Wi-Fi App already come preloaded on your phone. You won't need to download the Cricket W-Fi App to take advantage of these features.  Learn more about Cricket Wi-Fi Manager.


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