Love your current phone or data device?Bring it over and switch to Cricket

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Did you know that you can keep a phone you already love and join the Cricket network?

  1. Bring Your Device

    Ready to switch?

    Whether you own an Android, are an existing customer or want to add multiple lines of service, the BYOD program is for you.

  2. Quick Activation

    Activate your device quickly when you switch!

    Bring your iPhone, add a single line of service, and get a new number, to activate within minutes with an eSIM.

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  1. What is eSIM?

    You can activate with ease with eSIM.

    eSIM is an “embedded SIM” that allows for more flexibility, more security and is easy to download and install for quick activation.

  2. BYOD Plan Deals

    You can pay in advance and save!

    Cricket offers multi-month unlimited plans for new single-line accounts when you bring your own device.

    Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

  3. tryCricket

    Thinking about switching to Cricket?

    Try our 14-day trial to experience the Cricket network without interrupting your existing service.  

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) FAQs

Bring your own phone (BYOD) is our program that allows customers to keep a device you already own and switch to Cricket. If your device is unlocked and compatible with our network, you can pick a plan and activate with us.

You can use the Cricket Compatibility Checker to confirm compatibility.

There are many advantages to switching to Cricket and keeping your device:

  • Pay only for your new service.
  • Keep your existing phone number.
  • Easy activation for eSIM-capable devices.
  • Existing customers can add a new line of service.

You can bring your device to Cricket in three easy steps.

  1. Check your device compatibility and verify that it is unlocked. You must have an unlocked and compatible device to switch to Cricket. You will need your device ID (IMEI) to check your device’s compatibility. Use the Cricket Compatibility Checker to confirm compatibility
  2. Purchase a Cricket SIM (pSIM/eSIM). You may need a physical SIM sent to you, or your device may feature an embedded SIM (eSIM).
  3. Choose the rate plan that best fits your needs.

Yes! Whether you are a new customer or an existing customer adding a line, you can bring your number to Cricket. Please note that it is best to keep your current service active until you receive your Cricket pSIM in the mail or eSIM digitally. After you have your Cricket SIM, you can activate your service and transfer your number.

Dial *#06# to find your 15-digit device ID (IMEI). If you do not see a 15-digit number, your phone may not be compatible with Cricket.

Your device ID (IMEI) can also be found in your device's settings.

  • On an iPhone, tap General > About, and scroll down to the IMEI or you can find it printed on the back of some iPhones and iPads.
  • On an Android, tap About Phone or About Tablet > Status, and scroll down to the IMEI or for most Andriods, printed on the back near the battery.
  • If you have a Windows phone, tap Settings > About and look for your IMEI. You can also find it printed on your phone label, which is located under the back cover.
  • On a data only device, you must launch a browser. Enter or http://cricketwifi/, then your admin login. If you do not know your password, try cktadmin. Select Settings > About > Device to see your IMEI. On most data devices, you can remove the battery and see the IMEI number printed on the inside of the device.

The device you want to bring over most likely uses a different type of cellular technology that is not compatible with the Cricket Network.

Many cell phone carriers use different networks, making some phones incompatible with all networks. International phones could also use different frequency bands which could hinder your service on our network.

For example, if you have a device from Europe, it may use different bands which could cause service limitations.

Most devices bought from specific carriers come locked to work only on that network. When the device is unlocked, it is no longer tied to any carrier.

The easiest way to check if your device is unlocked or when it will be eligible for unlocking, is to contact your service provider.

Only compatible feature phones, smartphones, data only devices, and tablets are authorized for use on the Cricket network. No other device types are allowed.

If you need to know whether your device requires a pSIM or eSIM, you can check right from your device.

iOS: Go to Settings > General > About. If you see Available SIM or Digital SIM, your device is eSIM-capable.

Android: Go to Settings > About Phone > Show EID. If you see an EID number, your device is eSIM-capable.

eSIM stands for embedded SIM, which means it is already inside your phone, allowing you to switch to Cricket and activate your service in as little as 15 minutes. No more waiting for a physical SIM to arrive and manually inserting it before you can start making calls, sending texts, and using data.

Have more questions about eSIM? Learn More.

Existing customers can add lines of service to your account when you bring a device. Log into your online account to get started.

Note: Eligible lines with BYOD devices qualify for multiline discounts!

Yes, as long as your device is 5G compatible and you live in an area where 5G is available.