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Celebrate Today’s Mobile Mom!

    A text with cute emojis is sweet, but your mom really wants a phone call  

    Mother’s Day is obviously THE day each year to let Mom know how special she is. With the day just around the corner, we asked people how they prefer to hear from loved ones when they haven’t seen them in a while. While millennials (38%) prefer a text from someone they love, adults ages 35-75 would rather receive a voice call. So, while emoji-laden text messaging with flowers and hearts are great for your friends, use that voice she gave you and spend some time chatting with mom on the phone this Mom’s Day.


    The perfect smartphone for your mom

    Upgrading your phone will also help you tell Mom know you love her in all the ways she likes – voice call, text, video calling, sharing memories on social media, you name it. You might even think about getting her a new smartphone as a gift, and we have the right one for you, and for different types of moms and budgets:

    • Alcatel IDOL 4 ($129.99*): For the mom who loves entertainment and likes to share – a solid, good-looking smartphone that includes virtual reality goggles and access to VR games and videos. And you know she’ll let you play with it, too.
    • LG Stylo 2 ($99.99*):  For the ultra-organized mom – a stylish smartphone with great features, like a large 5.7” display and integrated stylus, to help keep mom on top of PTA meetings, soccer games, etc.
    • LG X power™ (79.99*): For the mom who’s always on the run – with a long-lasting battery and a large screen, but without the need for a bulky charging case.


    Mom is the Bomb… Again

    Last year for Mother’s Day we create our #PhotoMombing video, and more than a million of you celebrated with us by watching it and getting a good laugh with Mom and her shenanigans.

    We all know the problem — tons of family photos…kids, dad, dog…but where’s mom? She’s holding the camera, never to be seen. This video is a call to change that and serves as a reminder for Mom to put herself in the picture this Mother’s Day and every day.

    Enjoy it again!


    *With activation, when you bring your number to Cricket.