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Cellphone Etiquette

    Cellphones have become an essential part of our lives, and just with everything else, there are some recommended dos and don’ts.  So, next time you pick up your mobile phone, here are a few things to remember.



    Distractions behind the wheel are a lot more common than you think.  In fact, 7-in-10 people engage in smartphone activities while driving. The latest news, social media uploads, and emails are all just a click or swipe away.  But when you’re behind the wheel, they can put you and everyone else in your path in danger. AT&T’s It Can Wait movement urges you to take the distractions out of driving and stay focused on the task at hand. One easy way to do this is to download AT&T’s DriveMode app-- a FREE app that silences incoming text message alerts so you can easily avoid distractions. To learn more about DriveMode, the It Can Wait campaign, and to take the pledge to never drive distracted- go to ItCanWait.com.  And please remember to put your phone down while driving - Distracted Driving is Never OK.


    Silence your phone please!

    Speaking of silencing your phone, here are a few other places to silence your phone – in the office (even if you’re not in a meeting), at the movies, in restaurants, church, library, funeral and in the classroom. Be aware of your surroundings and use your common sense. Be courteous to those around you!  


    Think Before You Text

    Don’t put anything in writing that you don’t want anyone else to see.  Once you’ve hit that “send” button, it’s out there.  If you’re relying on one of those apps that allows your message to self-destruct after it’s been read, remember that the person might still be able to take a screenshot.  It’s also a good practice to triple-check who you’re sending the message to as it’s easy to send to the wrong contact.


    Slow Your Roll

    Just because someone gave you their phone to look at a picture, that doesn’t mean you can scroll on.  Look at the picture they shared with you and give the phone back.  Feel the need to scroll? Ask the device owner first.


    Keep Your Private Conversations Private

    Having a personal conversation on your mobile phone in a public place? Using your speakerphone or engaged in a video call? Well, nobody else wants to hear it.  Lower your voice or get up and walk to a more private area or try using headphones.   


    Be Polite

    Remember when Mom said to always be polite?  Well that goes for phone conversations and text messages, too.  Remember to say please, thank you, and hello – it goes a long way. Let’s not forget your manners!


    Don’t Eat and Talk

    While talking on the phone, that is. You may think you’re chewing quietly, but the person on the other end of the line is hearing it loud and clear, and it can be super annoying. 


    Bathroom Chats

    Ever walk into a bathroom at work or a restaurant and there’s someone in one of the stalls having a full-out conversation?  I won’t go into detail as to why this isn’t a good idea but just don’t do it!


    Don’t Be A Bully

    It’s easy to hide behind a screen and keyboard and mock, abuse, insult and discriminate and say mean and hurtful things, but just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you should do it.  Don’t be that person.


    Please Respond

    It’s not polite to wait several hours or days to respond to a text or call unless you truly can’t get to your phone.  I’m not one for text talk, but if you’re busy, a simple “ttyl” or “brb” will do. 


    Be Present

    Already in a face-to-face conversation?  Avoid taking calls or texting on your cellphone.   


    Profile Pictures

    You know those profile pictures you assign your contacts?  Well, don’t save inappropriate photos as your contacts profile picture, because you never know when or where it will pop up.


    Remember: Be in control of your phone – don’t let it control you!


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