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Cricket Employees Restore Veteran's Home in Houston

    When 69-year-old Air Force veteran and Houston, TX resident, Jann Johnson, learned about Rebuilding Together at her local Veterans Affairs Center, she knew she could use the organization's help. Johnson, a two-time cancer survivor, had a growing list of vital home repair projects she was unable to tackle for health and financial reasons.

    Rebuilding Together, a national organization whose mission is to provide free home repairs to elderly homeowners in need, took on her cause and provided the resources she needed to restore her home.

    A group of 32 Houston Cricket employees teamed up with the organization and served as the volunteer crew for Johnson's much-needed home repairs. The dedicated Cricket employees donated their time to complete several projects over the span of three weekends.

    Johnson was thrilled with the help she received from the Cricket team and wrote a letter of appreciation to the company. She also spoke to The Nation about her experience.

    "There's no way to put into words what you have all done for me," said Jann Johnson. "I'm so grateful. I would especially like to thank Jeff Brannan and Chris Sanchez of the Cricket Wireless team."

    "I've always been a handy person," Johnson continued. "I was the woman with the power tools. But over the last five years, I haven't been able to do a lot due to my health and financial situation. The experience with Cricket and Rebuilding Together was above and beyond my expectations. I gave them a list of things I needed help with and they took care of all those items and more."

    Johnson also expressed how impressed she was with the spirit and attitude of the Cricket team.

    "All of the volunteers were wonderful," said Johnson. "A number of years ago, I owned a small business and know that the attitude of employees is a direct reflection on the company they work for. I was impressed by all of the people who represented Cricket Wireless."

    Rebuilding Together completed major repairs, including installing a new roof and fixing plumbing. The Cricket team, led by captains Jeff Brannan, territory sales manager, and store manager Chris Sanchez, took on smaller projects like sealing the windows, painting the house, changing the smoke detectors and deadbolt locks, and clearing the driveway and yard of debris.

    "Cricket is part of this community," said Brannan. "We want to give customers more to smile about beyond our great phones and service. It was a pleasure to be able to give back and repair Ms. Johnson's home."