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Road to 10 Million Subscribers
Cricket Hits 10 Million Subscribers

    Cricket Wireless is celebrating a major milestone! 10 million happy subscribers.

    Cricket celebrated the 9 million mark last year, and since coming together in 2017 with AT&T PREPAID, the combined AT&T Prepaid Portfolio has maintained its momentum as the fastest-growing prepaid provider in the U.S., now serving more than 16 million phone subscribers nationwide. You check out some of these achievements in an infographic

    So, we asked ourselves, why are customers flocking to Cricket (especially in such a crowded, noisy industry)?

    We think it’s because our customers are savvy, sharp budgeters and recognize great value and service when they see it. They take care of their families and watch their wallets at the same time. That’s not always an easy task, but hey, we do it too.

    It stands to reason that a deal like 4 Lines of Unlimited Data for $1001 would resonate with such savvy, astute, discerning customers.  

    It also makes sense they want to pair great service with the best experience possible. That’s why our award-winning purchase experience matters to them. They could also be feeling the great vibes from our store teams at nearly 5,000 locations across the U.S.

    They love being part of #CricketNation, and we think it’s because they see us in their communities.  We are out there when things go wrong, lending a helping hand in the face of problems such as natural disasters.

    We’re also there when things go right! Celebrating our communities and providing opportunities such as meet and greets with their favorite WWE Superstar inside a Cricket store.

    Like any good discerning shopper, they do their research. Our customers are diverse and want a budget-friendly way to keep in touch with loved ones across borders in Mexico and Canada without paying extra fees2. Not to mention a terrific network and great devices that won’t break the bank.

    Whatever the reason, we thank you! We love all 10 million of you – you give us millions of reasons to smile every day.

    1 After 22GB/line/mo. Cricket may slow data speeds when the network is congested. Data speeds ltd. to 3 Mbps; video streaming ltd. to 1.5 Mbps (SD). Not eligible for other discounts. See cricketwireless.com for details.

    2 Req’s min. $55/mo. plan or higher. International roaming may be ltd. to 2G speeds.