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Did you see us on The Talk?

    Did you see Cricket on The Talk last month? On March 8, we did one of the things we are best known for – bringing smiles!  Cricket brought smiles to The Talk’s television studio with a little friendly competition among the show’s hosts and guests.


    To play the game, an audience member was paired with a host to compete in a spin-the-wheel “Tic Tax Toe” trivia game. Each side rolled the wheel and answered multiple-choice trivia questions.


    Did you know that:

    • The 1st mobile phones were sold in the U.S. in 1983?

    • The term for fear of no smartphone or being out of coverage is “nomophobia”?

    • This year, the tax filing deadline for most is April 17?


    The guests had a perfect record on the show, giving everyone in the audience $100 of “Concert Cash”, which can be used for live shows and other events produced by Live Nation.


    If you missed it, check it out for yourself right here! Tic Tax Toe gets started at the 30:30-minute mark. You can’t miss all the smiles while the game is played, not to mention when the audience hears they’ve won some Concert Cash!