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Imagine You Are Given One Shot at Your Dream



    From childhood, parents, teachers and mentors tell us to pursue our dreams. They say with hard work and dedication, they are attainable.

    Although true, some dreams require a little more luck and opportunity.


    No matter the profession, some of the most talented people are the ones we never hear about. This is especially true in the world of sports and entertainment.


    At Cricket, we know the importance of giving individuals a chance to achieve their dreams. That’s why we’re the exclusive wireless sponsor of One Shot.


    One Shot is a 6-episode talent show on the BET Networks searching for the next hip-hop superstar. The first episode aired on Aug. 23. This hot new talent show, hosted by famous TV and radio personality Sway Calloway, auditions thousands of potential rap stars in Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami and Chicago.


    What makes the show especially unique? Contestants perform their original songs.


    The final winner of the show gets $100,000 and a record deal with SMH Entertainment. The winner also gets a new Cricket phone, one year of Cricket Wireless service and a Deezer subscription – providing ad-free and on-demand music streaming. 


    Tune in every Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST to watch artists compete for their shot. If you missed the first couple of episodes, don’t worry. Catch them on BET.com.  


    Don't miss the show finale in 2 weeks. On Sept. 27, you’ll see who gets their One Shot!