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Mentors Inspired Me to Be a Mentor

    By Greg Johnson


    Mentorship is a gift that is just as fulfilling to get as to give. It’s an opportunity to grow for both the mentor and mentee. When mentoring, I try not to provide quick and easy direction or “answer”, but rather use my knowledge and experience to inspire mentees to explore new avenues from a perspective different from theirs.


    Cricket is a strong supporter of Junior Achievement of Georgia (JA), and I mentor at the JA Academy at the high school in my neighborhood. The JA Academy provides a business perspective that flows across the students’ core classes. I mentor to a dedicated group and individually with students as they work through business topics such as branding, decision making, customer service and leadership.


    One of my favorite things about mentoring at JA is its incredible support in training volunteers to ensure we empower and give the best experience to all students, no matter the complexity of learning. Over the past five years or so I’ve taught leadership and personal finance skills to middle and high school classes, worked with small groups on specific business challenges and taken part in one-day volunteer activities at the JA Discovery Center of Gwinnett.


    I have been fortunate to have had several mentors throughout my life who have really helped me grow personally and professionally. Whether family members, pastors, work colleagues, or close friends, a common thread through these relationships is that my mentor was always willing to dedicate their time to support me when I needed it.


    This is why, in addition to JA, I’ve mentored others in a variety of ways over the years – at my church, coaching soccer teams for both of my children, and being a Patrol Advisor with the local Boy Scout troop, to name a few. I’ve learned so much from others, and grown immensely, when they give me the tools to solve problems with a new perspective and sensitivity to build my own solution. I feel the need to pay that forward.


    The corporate culture here at Cricket fosters mentorship in many ways. Our leadership’s open-door policy has given me the privilege to interact with many of our business leaders while receiving excellent guidance, feedback and support.


    January is National Mentoring Month. Do you have a personal story to share about someone who mentored you? We’d love to hear it. Share it with us at @CricketNation on Twitter using the #NationalMentoringMonth hashtag.



    Greg Johnson is a product development engineer at Cricket. Although he still calls Australia home, he lives in Peachtree Corners with his wife Michelle and their children Zach (16) and Eliana (14). When not being a parent spectator at soccer, basketball, water polo, band, and swimming, Greg enjoys scouting, cycling and being a sound guy at his church.