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Single-Line Customers Can Now Get Unlimited Data, Talk & Text for $50/Month

    Now you don’t have to be part of a multiline discount account to save big on unlimited data, talk & text. Cricket Unlimited 2 is now available for $50/month after our $5/month Auto Pay discount.


    With Cricket Unlimited 2, you can enjoy all your entertainment, like streaming music and video, (video streaming at SD quality) and surfing the web. No need to worry about data overage charges when downloading apps, games or songs, posting photos and videos to your social channels, and sending/receiving emails.


    Our Cricket Unlimited 2 plan also includes unlimited texts from the U.S. to 38 countries, as well as data access and unlimited calling, text and messaging to and from, and in and between, the U.S., Mexico and Canada.**


    There’s never been a better time to upgrade to Unlimited! Click here for plan details.


    *Data speed 3 Mbps. Video streaming at 1.5 Mbps. After 22 GB of data usage, Cricket may temporarily slow speeds.
    **Min. 50% U.S. usage required