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Stay Connected this Summer – Even on the Water

    Yesterday was fireworks and BBQ, and it marked the unofficial start of summer!

    School’s out and the temps are rising. 

    You are likely already enjoying plenty of water activities at the beach, pool, or on a boat or kayak.

    But, if you leave your phone behind, how will you snap your adventures?
    Here are a few ways to keep your devices dry while you dive in.

    Freezer Bag

    Simple, cheap, but effective.

    One way to help keep your device (and other important items, like your wallet) dry is to store it in a zippered freezer bag.

    Extra tip: blow some air in to the bag before sealing. That will help it float if it ends up in the water.

    Waterproof Pouches

    Looking for more lasting protection?

    Waterproof pouches designed for phones and wallets are a little more durable than freezer bags. And you can use them multiple times without the worry of easy wear and tear.

    Dry Bag

    If you need to protect more than a device, a dry bag is the way to go.

    When on a boat, kayak or other watercraft, dry bags will keep everything in side of it dry and safe. And it doesn’t just protect your phone. It also keeps your lunch and extra clothes dry while you splash around.

    Waterproof Phone Case

    If you’re around water often, consider investing in a waterproof (not just water resistant) case —particularly one designed specifically for phones.

    Kyocera Hydro VIEW

    Better yet…

    For less than the cost of most waterproof cases, you can get the Kyocera Hydro VIEW, which is waterproof in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes and available exclusively at Cricket Wireless. Buy it at CricketWireless.com and at an authorized Cricket Wireless store near you. And for a limited time, it’s just $29.99*.           


    And if you’re one of the 75% of people CBS News found that admitted to using their phone in the bathroom, maybe consider using that time as a valuable, yet brief, electronic reprieve.

    Have fun, stay safe… and keep those devices dry!


    *With activation